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National Service Good or Bad

National Service should we bring it back

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Not sure about where this should go but just was just reading in another thread about Bad Lads Army and I was thinking is nationals service a good way to sort some of the social problems, we have today.
Not really no - if people are workshy, they will end up on the dole. If they are after making the most of opportunities, then they will.

National Service (either military or civilian) is just another way for the government to fiddle the unemployment statistics - and Bliar's government does it by pushing the youth of today into university.

It might sort the lads out but I have my reservations over how much money & resource would be diverted into it. Also with Iraq etc dragging on would you want to send non-professionals out there. I think its best for when the country has its back against the wall and the conscripted soldiers will have a reason to perform at their best. How long would you make it? Is 2 years long enough to produce a soldier trained enough for modern warfare rather than merely being cannon fodder?
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