National Service for Failed Asylum Seekers

No joke, Blair is hoping to pull the voters with this one - according to the Express, Wed 5 Jan:

Tony Blair is to unveil plans to make failed asylum seekers do months of "national service" in a bid to convince voters he has not lost control of the immigration system. TB and Labour election supremo Alan milburn dear rising public anger over the Government's inept handling of immigration and asylum could torpedo their hopes of a third term in power.

Later this month the PM will set out a raft of new measures designed to prove to voters that he is determined to finally "get a grip" on the issue.
The Daily Express has learned that pride of place will given to a plan for failed asylum seekers awaiting the results of appeals to do 35 hours a week community work in return for their board and lodging. Ministers believe it will be a hit with many older voters who resent paying for the upkeep of young men whose claims have already been judged bogus. But last night opposition MPs and immigration esperts dubbed the idea the latest in a long line of Blarite "gimmicks".

"This plan would apply to all able bodies asylum seekers going through the appeals process after their initial application has been turned down," a Labour source said. "We would require them to do a full five-day week on comuunity projects in return for basic bed and board. We want to convince people we do not condone young men who abuse the asylum system. They will be set to work on removing graffiti and litter and cleaning up neighbourhoods."

The Government is also expecting to repackage a promise that more asylum seekers will be removed than arrive after failing to make the expected progress towards fulfilling that pledge. Currently the average asylum appeal takes around six months to resolve, but four out of five of those turned down are never removed from Britain.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migration watch UK, said community work idea appeared to be "window dressing" for the Government ahead of the general election. He said:"This is best viewed as a harmless gimmick. It will do nothing to address the main problem of the asylum system which is that four out of five failed applicants are able to stay on in Britain. For as long as that situation is allowed to continue, we will remain one of the top global destinations for asylum seekers. In any case, other forms of immigration last year were responsible for three times as many arrivals as asylum seekers.

Tory shadow home secretary David Davis predicted public scepticism towards Mr Blair's latest crackdown. He said "People will treat yet another headline-grabbing announcement from TB with the scepticism it deserves. Since 1997 the asylum and immigration system has descended into shambles. One million immigrants have come to this country under Labour, while 80% of failed asylum seekers are never removed. Only the Conservatives would get a grip."
Can't see him getting fair this one getting far without the feet of some pc brigade charging in. Oh well - good idea on paper perhaps....
Smashing idea, to be implimented after the election obviously. When the first challenge by Europe would blow it clean out of the water.

Much to our Tone's relief.....
Surely easier to deport these failed asylum seekers, or better still, have a robust immigration system that doesn't allow them in in the first place.
I think that making failed Asylum Seekers do a term of National Service is a damn' good idea.

So long as they do it in their Country of origin & don't come back.
They are failed asylum seekers and there have failed to gain a foothold in British soceity. Why keep them for longer than is neccesary.
It is slowing the process for those that need it.
Failed MEANS failed, that being said whats the point of making them do a months national service, What are they gonna become within a time span of a month. and if they have failed why give them a second/third/forth/fifth etc... chance.
Boot them out of the country where they are just a drain on resources for the police,and the tax payer.The money can be used on more worthy needs.
If i had my way they wouldnt have even got into the country in the first place!!

Mount a couple of GPMG nests on the entrance to the channel tunnel, then after the first mass culling lets see who wants to join the land of the soft touch then!!
Maybe we can use them as Kapo's and put them on an incentive plan.

The more you stop coming in, the more chance you yourself have of staying here.

That suggestion, is as nonsensical as the proposal the Government are putting together.

What the hell are they smoking in the corridors of power?

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