National Service Bill 2013-14

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by northern-matelot, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Currently only going for its second reading in the commons, but I know a few people already eyeing this up with suspicion and for some, dread.

    Has anyone heard about this Private Bill before? I know the odds of it going through are slim, but could this be a way of bumping up the abysmal Army Reserve recruitment numbers published not so long ago?
  2. Is it actually solely for military purposes or does it include community projects such as the German THW and the like?

    Is it actually conscription or a way of smoothing the way for volunteers?

    Genuine questions, as apart from manic wailing from the usual suspects with the usual views, there is precious little on the t'interweb.
  3. With utterly uninterested and totally unmotivated youths? What a reserve that would be.

    This idea surfaces from time to time and gets the drubbing it deserves.
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    This is the MP who is behind the bill: Philip Hollobone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    To describe him as being on the extreme right of the Tory Party is not going far enough to the right.

    He's ex TA (although there's no mention of commissioning), and he keeps himself busy by being a Councillor and Special Constable with the BTP in addition to being an MP.
  5. Actually, if it was the TA carrying the burden of training this new National Service generation, then the idea might have merit - it'd be the blind leading the blind, but it would give the TA something to do.

  6. Reckon he has got a few sock puppet accounts on here right enough.....
  7. Would seem like a good idea from saving the feckless doing bugger all.

    If you leave school without further education or a job you must complete 2yrs in a TA job with JSA being paid and advice giving for employment or futher education being provided. This way they might catch the bright sparks that fell through the net.

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  8. Many possibilities:
    World War 3
    Conscripted service personnel
    Redundancies to join the Reserves
    Compulsory reserve training for school leavers/long term unemployed

    We will find out in due course.
  9. Carry on Sergeant springs to mind.

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  10. image.jpg

    Must be a Tory Bill ... thoughts of sturdy young lads with firm tight buttocks marching
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  11. Aaaaaand welcome to arrse, great first post by the way.

    Just for security I need to confirm a few personal details:

    1 Have you ever served?
    2 Which arm or service?
    3 Which decade?

    and finally please can you confirm your usual user name and other sockpuppet accounts....
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  12. Yep one of those never served sods here. I used to think national service would be a bad idea. Professionals etc,etc.
    but thinking on a fair few people I have known who would never think of joining would be very good once they had a taster. OK a fair few would hate it but on the whole it could only do good to those who do it. I presume the money would come out of the social security budget so the services wouldn't suffer.Uman rights might have a go at the scheme but screw em.

    N.b I would have joined but the shirts were itchy,Izal affected my irritable bowel and 58 webbing made my shoulders sore. Plus some bloke called Jarrod kept winking at me at cadet camp.
  13. still a bit of discipline, the ablities to cook pot noodle in a kettle after drinking all wages, iron kit, self pride, self respect would be good for the country
  14. Dont forget young women marching with tight young buttocks as well. But if its young boys you have on the brain so be it, live and let live and all that.

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  15. A National Civil Projects Service yes, for anyone over 18 not in full time employment and apprenticeship, or further education.
    But a Miltary National service..............nope!!