National SaBRE Certificate

Should i stay or go?

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I have sucessfully applied for my Company to be a part of the SaBRE Supportive Employer scheme, and as such, have been invited to a presentation in November.

However, i am currently on Leave Of Abscence for a couple of reasons, and as i was at such an early point in my training when i took leave, i have not been issued any kit (or have even been paid yet :roll: ) and i am slightly worried that my very presence is going to be considered Waltish in the slightest!

Does anyone know the score about the event? Will i get away with going in my cheap suit and bringing my MD, or shall i politely decline the invitation on accounts of me not being "in" yet?

Advise welcome, stupid comments expected,

Wear a suit with Regt tie. I think these get given out on Lord Lieutenant certificates presentations (thats when my employer gained theirs)
Thanks, polar.

Considering my Walt status, i might just wear an ARRSE tie!

Anyone else been dragged through the badly-worded survey for the MOD by a company based in Watford?

"Have you heard of the website" Is that a Wah on a survey question??
my company have so far declined to be a "supportive employer". Mind you they have also said i'll have next to fu'k all career after Herrick.. which is nice.

But anyway, yeah, Reg tie and suit will do the job.
might be worthwhile, it's a night out with toffs for a start and i t will make them feel all important and privillaged (directors like that you see) + it will help hammer home exactly what they are supporting.. all IMHO


Good grief I recall doing a dinner for such luminaries back in 88/89, I was sat next to the then Gov of the BoE, Robin Liegh Pemberton; The poor sod that sat next to me! at a zoo park in kent, Nice enough and we wore denims and JHW! I think I was wheeled out as an ex regular with BR at the time! I remember it for not getting pished!
I don't intend to get pissed at all! Not at a morning do!

Im more concerned with feeling "not one of them" the whole time!

"What do you do?"

"Erm, i've done a weekend??"

But still, it's supposed to be about the Employers i guess

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