National Road Pricing Scheme a step closer - leaked letter

He argues in a letter to cabinet colleagues that it is important for his department to set prices and national standards. Otherwise drivers travelling from city to city could be confused.
...or worse still, undercharged! :eek:
This is another measure to restrict working people. The rich and people with expenses will not see any difference, but ordinary peole on low or fixed incomes it will restrict their freedom.

Another move by labour against the working classes.
With the introduction of tolls the road tax and fuel tax will be "cut". not abolished or withdrawn, be prepaired to be taxed 3 times for each journey.
Too much money is made to give it all up.
Just another TAX on the motorists. The Road Fund Licence was to repair roads and build new roads,but as usual with governments they use the money for other things such as waging wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,keeping our link to Europe and paying the Commonwealth countries for abusing them when the Empire was at its height.We need to spend more money on the PEOPLE of this country instead of giving it away to other countries as a charity donation.
How about they start to improve public transport before coming up with stupid ideas?

They could start by ensuring public transport is cheap and punctual. People won't get on public transport if it isn't convienient to them either.

I recently got a train to the big smoke that cost £105 for a 4 day return on a warrant. The travelling time was less than 90 minutes each way and I was travelling off peak to an official course. I could've used my railcard to get a discount but as I had to fcuking pay for it, they can poke it if the MOD think they can get a discount at my cost.
Flying Felix said:
With the introduction of tolls the road tax and fuel tax will be "cut". not abolished or withdrawn, be prepaired to be taxed 3 times for each journey.
Too much money is made to give it all up.
I'm getting on a bit so do correct me if I'm wrong but: -

1 VAT on the purchase price of the car.
2 Excise duty (tax disc) to drive it on the road.
3 Insurance premium tax on your motor insurance policy.
4 Road fuel duty on the petrol you buy.
5 VAT on the petrol you buy.
6 VAT on the duty on the petrol you buy (i.e. the tax is taxed).

Am I wrong or are we taxed 6 times for each journey.
If you want or need to travel through one of the Mersey tunnels each day - which is just a 2 mile stretch of road - it's £1.30 per trip. Or approaching an additional £400 per year
Ancient_Mariner, by god you're right it will be 7 times with tolls.
Not forgeting the fact that as a road pricing system is introduced, the road haulage companies put prices up to compensate, and so the cost of getting goods to and from market increase, therefore driving up the cost of your daily shopping bill. The rich will keep on getting richer, and those who cannot afford it will just have more financial burden placed on them.

Until we have an organised and well managed public transport network, we will just continue to pay through the nose.

Im off for a lie down.


Many of these taxes can be avoided by those of a criminal mind. The only fair way of taxing vehicles is to put all of the charge on to fuel, so catching everybody and spreading the pain reasonably fairly.
So we pay for the roads with taxes, we then pay for the upkeep of the roads with our taxes, and then we pay for the pleasure of using the roads. Gordon muxt be laughing his nuts off at this.

Still at least there will be fewer cars on the roasd when the poor people can't afford to drive anymore. Don't you just love a labour gov't?

I used to think that as well. I then bought a microlight aeroplane that runs on ULGAS. Surprisingly, I don't think that way anymore as my machine adds nothing to road congestion and associated accident clearance. This similarly applies to to the man who has boats for a hobby.

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