National Rifle Association PUBLIC OPEN DAY

[Thought I'd mention this here, before all those wearing green slide off for the weekend.... Here is a chance to participate in a non-PC activity before political persecution sends it the way of fox-hunting, etc. If you've ever wondered what it was like to fire the weapon your Grandad went up against MG42s with, then this is your chance. Bring partner/family/friends and let them experience for themselves the fun & educational aspects of shooting sports.]

National Rifle Association PUBLIC OPEN DAY

Saturday 30th April - TOMORROW

Bisley Camp, Brookwood, Surrey - next to Pirbright Camp, for those with drill PTSD...

All types of shooting sports open for public participation, e.g. target rifle, gallery rifle, shotguns, military & historic weapons, airsoft thingies, exhibition of items your government won't let you own, etc. Green Arrse members: come and shoot a real rifle, instead of a plastic mousegun! Many shooting clubs represented, so every opportunity to link up with a local club.

This particapatory event has proved very popular with wifes, girlies, kids (min age for shooting is 12?) - so bring the family, as a nice change from going to Tesco!

Phew... time for my morning coffee now....


Gravelbelly said:
MiniGs are 3 and 0.5, so can't play, but may well enjoy watching.

I might escape while Mrs.G is shooting her match and I'm doing childcare :) :)
G come to the HBSA and you can blast away on my Mas 36!
I'll be with the fat bloke!
If I were still living with the rentals, I'd come, but I'm not so I can't. Sorry, guys!