National Recognition of Armed Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ragnarok_VI, May 24, 2008.

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  1. National Recognition of Armed Forces Report

    I have now completed reading the proposal from Quentin Davies. Im still a little sceptical on the vote-gathering purpose behind this, but I do believe the intentions are initially within the best interests for all Armed Forces members.
    As a general rule, most squads (of which includes myself) immediately think civvies hate us; and what we do. Among our accommodation around my camp, it is a massive feeling of being misunderstood by the public, and in general a large social barrier that defines the lack of empathy for what we do as Professional Soldiers.

    Although many famous faces have put their names to various appreciation charities (IE; Help For Heroes) and the essential admiration by the public for the show on Sky One (Ross Kemp in Afghanistan) there is still an invisible barrier of resilience that prevents the public and its Armed Forces (It -is- theirs) from living symbiotically.

    Now, while I personally will not be running about in my cbt95's after work (Because lets face it, we wear it all day and cant wait to get it off) I would be reluctant to wear it out without good dutiful reason anyway, because of the general negative reaction from people. In my opinion, the negative reaction is simply surprise, and light shock. The "greens" always seem to draw attention, even on big events like Remembrance day in my hometown.

    This post ended up being longer than I intended. I apologise for the hefty read.

    Id love to hear other peoples opinions on the new Proposal, most of which, to date have been approved and simply need implementing.

    ~ An infantry private.
  2. The bottom line is that this country is changing rapidly. Massive immigration over the decades and the lack of family connections with the services, has led to the current state of detachment, or disinterest in the military.

    The conlicts in 'Iraqistan' keep the military in the public eye, like Northern Ireland did. If and whenever we have a 'peacetime' military, the focus will be even less.
  3. Yes... most infantry privates write like this.
  4. oldbaldy

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    You old cynic :wink:
  5. Gentleman Ranker no doubt? :D

    It is well written though, and there is a massive thread in Current Affairs addressing this issue. One wonders if the contributing team made reference to it whilst compiling the report?

    Infantry , we're not all fickkies.
  6. I would love to be both positive and naive enough to think that this was done purely as a benefit to the Armed Forces, not only to lift the barrier on public/forces relations, but to increase morale and pride in a job that can never do without.
    However, the Armed Forces contingent is considerable voting niche to ascertain and indeed, how far away are we from the next General Elections? Last I heard, Brown's name was matching the colour of his pants.

    Id just be happy that we were treated a little more like British citizens, rather than second class ones.

    Just my opinion.
    ~ Really... just an Tom.
  7. Well your grammar is getting worse maybe you are a tom.
  8. Yeh, sumtims mi speeling is orf. dpns on my mued.
  9. I've just been on a visit to The Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC,to pay respects to a good friend,buried there.To my delight,I find that some British Military are buried there:

    Field Marshall Sir John Dill Army 32 S-29 X-33
    Maj. Gen. Orde C. Wingate Royal Artillery 12 288 Y-24.5
    Capt. G. H. Borrow M. C.
    Mr. Stewart Emeny War Correspondent
    Lt. Col. E. H. Hiscocks Army 2 3435-F V-30
    Maj. C. R. Forbes-Harries Army
    Capt. G. Watson Army
    Capt. K. W. C. Thomas Army
    Wing Cmdr. Harry J. Maxted Royal Air Force 15 95 I-25.5
    Maj. Alexander R. Moir, Army Army 15 97
    Squad Leader Basil W. Howe Royal Air Force 15 98
    ERA 2Cl Harold G. Davis Royal Navy 15 84
    Section Officer Ruth P. Watson WAAF 15 88 NH
    Officer Monica N. Daventry WAAF 15 88 SH
    Pvt. Elmer Darrock Royal Marines 17 19325
    Seaman William Kelly Royal Navy 17 19399 K-19
    Able Seaman Herbert Thomas Royal Navy 17 19400
    Able Seaman Joseph Prowse Royal Navy 17 19515
    Pvt. James Schofield Royal Marines 17 19518
    Mr. Thomas H. Symons, Writer Royal Navy 17 19519
    Maj. Charles H. Lyell Royal Garrison Artillery 3 4140
    Capt. A. Mackintosh Royal Horse Guards 3 4140 WH W-16
    Capt. W. F. Fitch British Military Mission 3
  10. That list doesn't mention 2? FAA Corsair pilots still in a lake in the USA, currently enjoying eternal protection of the crash site. The USA does not do things by half when it comes to honouring their, or Allied Forces dead.