National Rallies to Support Troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, May 23, 2007.

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  1. I've just emailed the BBC to see if they have any more info / contact details for the organiser(s). Will post here any response.
  2. Cheers DB

    Are there any chances of a large ARRSE contingent getting together at one of the venues?
  3. Excuse my bumping this but I feel it is important
  4. While I support this idea I don't see why families of service personnel should be raising money to pay for equipment that Tony Bliar promised we would have from the government coffers. I think raising awareness of the forces and keeping them in the public eye for a reason other than a loss of serving personnel is great but the money should go to the ABF.
    Of course I am in cloud cukkoo land if I expect Liarbour to actually follow up on their promise and supply the equipment needed by our men and women!
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    Quote by Mr Godfrey:
    He agrees with you!
  6. ... and Combat Stress!
  7. I agree with nationwide rallies about issue affecting service personnel. It will require to be organised and have a media team to cover it. I'm sure those on ARRSE would be willing to support such action.
  8. This would be great if it gets off the ground , its about time the public started getting behind us for once
  9. But... What if there is a poor turnout? Don't get me wrong I'm all for it but unless its well attended then it could have a negative effect.

    So pessimism out of the way, what would the old and bold of ARRSE propose to ensure this didn't happen?
  10. 1-Find out the venues

    2-PM every member who has accessed the site in the last month asking for their support.

    3-Payback from the journos who have used our site and quotes so frequently, they HAVE to support the cause by writing it up.

    4-Organise transport to the events.

    5-Advert the RBL to our efforts and ask for the support of their members

    6-We can even advertise BAFF at the same time, have a stall/tent/bar at the venue
  11. Shouldn't only be an arrse thing, think that rum ration and e goat members may follow suit. Personally, i'd be there. If anything gets arranged then PM me for definate!
  12. Yes I did read it but my bold is the bit I was referring to. I think at the end of the day the only way our personnel in those areas (and my husband and many friends are out there now) will get the equipment they need is by us raising it. It just grips my sh*t (yes hubbies fave expression) that we have to do it, is all :)
  13. It could be more effective to organize an official presence at some pre-existing regional events, sure some of the organizers would be sympathetic and might even sponsor it
  14. The Battle of Trafalgar went very well, who organised that? Could we not get other organisations that help military personnel to get involved.

    Please keep showing your support for our campaign on Social Housing legal rights.

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