National Rallies - email address for David Godfrey....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TopChick, May 31, 2007.

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  1. I can't explain the random spaces in the email address, couldn't get rid of them!
  2. Rather than Mr Godfrey receiving thousands of emails from arrsers, I suggest that one person contacts Him and posts the results on the site - has anyone contacted Him yet? If not then I am willing to do this.

    Following this I think that five threads (one for each rally) should be created with members posting to the ones they are willing to attend.
  3. Sign me up for the London Rally when you get the date. :D
  4. I'm with Sven with this - for a change ;-)

    It would be an idea to have a fair bit of advance notice for the disabled veterans in order that they might organise accommodation, as some may well live in out of the way areas ( for example I live on the edge of the Berwyns - civilisation, yr wlad sanctaidd :razz: ) and have to overstay for at least one night and a link to a list of B&Bs (Gwely a Frecwast) in the area of the rally would, I am sure, be appreciated.
  5. Hi Sven

    You crack on me dear and contact him.....I just emailed him to get him to post on here, but I can't commit to being able to be a 'contact'.

  6. I have just emailed Mr Godfrey.

    As soon as I have the venues I will create the appropriate threads - at that time I will probably ask for co-ordinators to bump individual threads, organise meeting up points etc.
  7. Hello, my best wishes and kind regards to you all on here, I have signed up to be an arrse which I hope I will always be true to form, especially in taking forward the support of our brave hearts our servicemen and women to this Government, who I feel have let them all down time and time again.

    I humbly thank you for showing your interest in what I have proposed to do, but it is a big thing that I have undertaken, a huge logistical exercise, the only thing I can offer is my broken heart which is on fire for our servicemen and women, these young brave hearts, for that is indeed what they are in standing up strong and true in the name of this country.

    I will get used to finding my way around here eventually but if you would like to contact me then please feel free or I can forward information to Sven (hope its ok to be infromal on here).

    There are two top priorities relevant to the success of Operation Braveheart No1 contacts for top bands and singer and celebrities No2 The support of designated venues and companies who will be willing to provide the staging and sound equipment to put on these events. Without these Operation Braveheart will fail and not happen.

    No mean feat dear friends but I hope and pray and I beg, for those who will rally to the flag and heed my plea in Daniels memory and for all those who have given so much in this so sad times in the life of this country.

    May you all be blessed and may the flag of truth and justice fly high over this country and this Government.

    Kindest regards always

    David Godfrey

    Grandfather of Daniel Lee Coffey

    Died in the sands of Basra Iraq on the 27th of February 2007

    Proud to be a rifles soldier and proud of his country and his comrades.
  8. Welcome to ARRSE David, I am just sorry it is in such sad circumstances. I hope You become a regular here.

  9. David,
    I am an ex rifleman myself. Happy to do what I can, but I am out of the UK for the next weekor so.

    If you want this organising why not start at the top? I have contacted Harvey Goldsmith and sent him this message.

    He is the man when it comes to organising huge charity cioncerts and he knows anyone who is anyone in the music business. The worst that can happen is that he says no.

    If anyone else wants to encourage him he can be contacted here

    My only suggestion at the moment is that you need to say what they money raised will be used for. People are bound to ask and it is not stated in your plan.

    Swift and Bold
  10. I've also written this to Joanna Lumley's agent. She got behind the campign to get CV winner Rifleman Tul Bahadur Pun allowed into the UK. Her grsndfather was colonel in the Indian Army, so I thought perhaps she'd be willing to help in regards to another Rifleman.

    If anyone else want to contact her her agents e-mail address is
  11. Thank you Sven for your help here, also thank you for pointing out that I have not stated clearly in the mission statement the purposes of what the money raised will be used for, and what I hope we will acheive by this crusade.

    It is my wish that one national newspaper or tv or radio station will take this on board and be prepared to set up and run the actual account to which funds and donations may be sent. It will be used to purchase both personal items and items that will I hope help the guys and girls out there to somehow feel at home. I am having talks with military people on this aspect, but if you guys and girls in arrse have any ideas on things that the guys and girls out there need, or anything that will help in the organisation of this part of the crusade then please do contact me or Sven.

    The other side of the coin in this crusade is to also support our brave hearts who have been brought home injured and mentally scarred, my dear dear friends how can we forget them all, how can Government just pass them aside like a used statistic on a computer somewhere. I made a vow that Daniel would never be a statistic locked away in the dark corridors of power, in a grey filing cabinet, because he, just like you and your fellow arrses had or have familes who have been wounded in the heart for ever.

    Now to another aspect, are there people in this great arrse family from the following regions....LIVERPOOL.... BIRMINGHAM/ASTON VILLA.....PORTSMOUTH AND SOUTHAMPTON? If so please contact me as I hope you will be able to provide me with some local information regarding big venues, entertainment agencies, local bands and singers and companies who provide such things as staging, lighting and sound equipment.

    Take care, be safe and God bless you all.

    David Godfrey
  12. From David

    If you would like to visit my website to the memory of my other darling lost grandson, I would be honoured. You will find me at
    Jack was just four when he was taken from us, but both he and Daniel will be remembered always as our angels in heaven, who were given to our family for a reason, and we honour them always

    David Godfrey.
  13. Hi David

    Sorry, haven't been on here for a few days. I only just saw your PM - you seem to be doing a great job posting anyway!

    Don't be afraid to post on the thread to keep it up on the front page too - this is a very busy forum so threads can quickly get moved down off the front page.

    Nice to see you here.