National Parenting Academy - BigBrothers new face

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 9, 2006.

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    Not long before the young ones are grassing us up for slagging big brother.. sorry the government :roll:
  2. How about starting a "Blair Youth" for kids five and up?

    "As the twig is bent so grows the tree" and all that.
  3. I might be a little naive here but, aren't you lot (myself included) always moaning about todays youth, surely something that might help sort out the root of the problem (the parents) is no bad thing.
  4. Do you think the Blair Youth will be wearing Black or Brown shirts ?
  5. Ignatius Loyola: "Give me the boy and I will give you the man".........
    Actually, although is is fashionable and amusing to rip the 'arris out of this sort of thing, it does reflect the fragmented nature of society and families - in all too many cases, there are not role models, not for kids themselves, but for the slightly older kids who are attempting to bring them up. Where there is a degree of wince-ing is in the way that we will approach this; not in identiying what are the values we want to inculcate in today and tomorrow's society, but - in all probability - a regurgitation of all the current trendy yoof care policies. I have no doubt that one of the things that WILL emerge is that "its not your fault". Actually, even if you don't know right from wrong, if you do wrong, it IS your fault and that is perhaps the first lesson we should be passing on. Once kids understand that there are some things tthat are wrong (and for which they can be punished) it is quite surprising how quickly they will become open to education into what is acceptable and what is not (even if only to know how far they can go!)
  6. How would indoctrinating parents into the PC ways of raising children help? Knowing this government, whatever is taught at these classes will be more of the same which has caused all of these problems in the first place!

    It's rather comparable to mediaeval medicine: if someone was brought to the "doctor/barber/surgeon" with an illness, they would be bled. Lack of improvement, or even worsening, in their condition was evidence that they had not been bled enough. So, they would be bled some more, sometimes until they died.
  7. Did you actually read who would be running (sorry that should read facilitating) these courses?

    Now not all of the members of the above "professions" are useless ineffectual political appointees but.....