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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nurse, Mar 8, 2004.

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  1. Are TA national open days really a good use of resources to recruit. Our RFCA did very little advertising a couple of radio commericals and for the 3 units on our site 16 people came in through the front gate. Anyone have any better luck across the country.
  2. Unless you use them as an excuse to run all your other things ("bring a mate" / "employer liaison" / ""try and see day") they are a phenomenal waste of time.

    Its about time the TA woke up and realised that the public won't come to us. We have to go to them.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    I thought that TANODs had been cancelled.

    One TA Centre that I know of had 2,500+ people through.

  4. we nearly had double figures through ours.
  5. Was that troops or potential recruits? :lol:
  6. At the last 3 we have had, we've just had kids coming in to have a play on the Rovers and have a look at the rifles, bayonets and pistols. I know of 1 person who actually joined the TA as a result of visiting an open day.

    Got a good brew off the Kings when we went and had a spy at their place though!
  7. We must be doing better than you RRBBaby, we had kids and the obligatory old geezer with a scabby dog on a piece of rope who asked "what is that?" and no matter what the reply he responded with "Ah you've got t easy. when we were in Palestine......>"

    Good craick but a horrific misuse of MTD's.
  8. Car boot sales work a treat. :D
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Chilwell by any chance ?
  10. Agreed. Mind you, having set up the first one (and had three people come through the door) we went "stuff this, we're planting ourselves in the local shopping centre". Got forced to keep the TA Centre open, mind....

    Anyway, started working on it a couple of months early, got all of the relevant shopping centre types to OK us sitting in their car parks, went out on the day, and managed to get the largest turnout of "recruitable" people in the Brigade area; about 20 or 30 blokes in the right age group. Not bad, for a platoon location :) :)

    If you just do the old-fashioned "open day", it's a waste of time. If you put some thought and effort into it, it pays off.
  11. Agreed the 2 co habitees with our unit went into the local town centre the day before.
    With being in a unit that requires Professionally qualified people we try and attend conferences and professional events. The feeling I get though is the local NHS is a little nervous about us recruiting on their soil.
  12. We didnt do too badly on Saturday, considering that the local press had advertised the wrong date!

    Had about 30 - 40 people through, most were under 12yrs old, and some were parents just in for a look.

    Our TAC has 2 troops - 1 RA, 1 RLC. Loggies got about 6 potential recruits, we got about 10, although a couple of those were 16yr olds, bit too young yet.

    Tried even writing to local uniformed organisations (finding non paramilitary ones here in NI is harder than you think :wink: ), such as the BB, Scouts local cadets etc, inviting them along for a look, and got zero response. :roll:

    Think our Bde wants to do the same again in May.
  13. so B trp did better than A trp well it always was the same.

    206 had the quantity
    215 had the quality :wink:
  14. perhaps we could entice you back then! :lol:

    Think we did better than the other location due to better advertising, and publicity. I still think there are people out there who would want to join the TA, but dont know what is on offer, what the commitment and benefits are.

    Having good pre open day advertising, a good set up of displays (big guns and air defence computer games always help!) and a good salesman to sell the TA to those who come in is the way to go.
  15. Sounds like 6 platoon - what is it about Worthing?