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National Museum of Military Vehicles. Dubois, Wyoming, USA.


A new, private collection museum for Military vehicles opened 07AUG2020.
Dubois, Wyoming, USA.

Wish the narrator would stop saying, “ve-hick-als” though.

Doesn’t look too shabby?
Interesting collection - very US oriented, perhaps inevitably.
Otherwise it would possibly be called the international museum
Ah so....

It has some British, German and Japanese stuff but not a lot.

Looking at the tanks it should really be called the Sherman museum.
His goal is to have one of each type of US vehicle which entered service. Last I checked, he's been stymied a bit on the Mk VIII and M26. There aren't many M4A3E2s out there either.

What you see on display right now is only phase 1. There are more buildings to come. He also has some interesting prototypes in the back warehouses. I'll be visiting in a few months, see what else I can dig up.
Impressive collection and might be worth the trip out to Wyoming next year when (hopefully) the covid-19 crisis is past. So far as vehicles go, it looks like mainly WW II rolling stock and tracks. Surprised he doesn't even have a HMMWV on display as those have been out in private hands since the late 1980s.
That's related to my comment about only having one building made so far. The post-WW2 stuff is in storage awaiting the expansion.

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