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National Lottery, 15 Years, and still won fcuk all!

What is the most you have won?

* 50p → Prize Fund
* 28p → Good Causes (How about this bit spent on the forces each week?)
* 12p → Government
* 5p → Retailers as Commission
* 5p → Camelot
o 4.5p → Camelot for Operating Costs
o 0.5p → Camelot for Profit


I won 10squid for 3 numbers back in 98? I think it was

didn't even buy 3 beers in London :x
Count.Dracule said:
Sixty said:
Nothing: don't play it and believe it to be a tax on the stupid.

Tell that 2 the chaps who won 45 million each the other week.

Now playing fruit machines i would put in the brain dead catorgory!
Agreed. 15 years at 100 winners a year (at least), so 1500 or so new millionaires. Yep, bet they all feel really stupid that they bought those tickets.
used to play every week for years, and always the same numbers. week of princess di's death, didn't think they'd have a draw (not sure why i thought this) and of course they pluck out every one of my fcuking numbers... GUTTED.
I knew the lad who won the first scratchcard, 75k it was. Well I say knew, I knew him when he won it, he was quite popular after that....till the money run out.
ordinaryforces said:
chocolate_frog said:
leveller said:
chocolate_frog said:
Buy Premium Bonds instead....

If you don't win you still have your quid.
£50 bloody quid in 35 years :x
But you still have your original money....
Ah but his pound then would have bought you 2 houses and a car and fed a family of 6! what will a pound buy today? :)
so not really such a good deal.
I'm not that fuckin old!

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