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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. Has anyone ever heard of being able to get a rebate on National Insurance contributions stopped for your TA pay if this is your "second job"?

    Apparently there are upper and lower threshold limits which dictate how much, if any, NIC should be stopped from your second job.

    I reckon its worth a call to the NIC people in Newcastle, could be worth a couple of hundred quid to some people if its gen!

  2. National Insurance Rebate - Claim your NI Rebate
  3. I don't pay NI on my TA income, so obviously no rebate to be had.

    I did ring up the NI people to query my non payment, and was told that I was below the LEL for this employment (LEL being something in the order of £5K), I must assume that once I go above the limit NI will then be deducted.

    If the civil servant I spoke to is correct, I would guess that very few TA soldiers should pay NI, unless of course they are on FTRS or mobilised.

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    Thats dead helpful then.
  5. Try again later or even tomorrow... sites are only usually down for an hour or two for maintenance.
  6. If your civvie pay is above about £44000, your NI rate drops from 11% to 1%. NI is done on a pay-day basis so TA will vary between being below the LEL, if you only get a couple of days in, to paying quite a bit during camp or course. Contact HMRC and they'll send you a claim form (and then send one each year.)

    I usually get a couple of hundred quid back ...
  7. Also consider this:
    BBC News - National Insurance contributions of £1.3bn 'misplaced'

    NI and its associated benefits used to have its own Department within the DSS, but that got merged with Inland Revenue, which then got lumped in with HMRC. The administration of the whole system has been buggered for nearly 20 years. (I won't even mention the numerous IT projects that have come, failed, and gone.)
    There's loads of NI that has been paid, but which has never been posted to people's accounts. It just hangs around in a suspense account. A lot of that is due to missing or defective NI numbers. People who do a lot of casual or seasonal work tend to be very bad for this.
    It's basically up to you to track down all your P60's (civil and military) and send copies off to the HMRC, asking them to verify if its all on your account. Once they've tracked it all down, then they will be able to see if the accumulated payments are over and above what you needed to pay. Then you can claim your refund for past years.