National ID Cards

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by babiesarm, Sep 22, 2003.

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  1. David Blunkett is in the news commenting on how he wants to push ahead with plans for national ID cards.

    We would be charged £40 each and the card would hold either an electronic fingerprint or an eye scan.

    What do you think??

    Here are the Anti sites:
  2. good idea but im not paying for it
  3. good would be even better if it were free tho 8)
  4. Good idea - charge asylum seekers/soap dodgers/fat people double so it's free for the rest of us.
  5. Superficially a good idea.
    In reality a way of getting 40 quid off people who already have ample ID to prove who they are. Asylum seekers, illegals, soap dodgers and criminals wouldn't bother. As for refusing services such as NHS care, get real, no hospital is going to risk getting sued by refusing care, especially to a gobby flip-flop and his retinue.
    As with any other law in this country, the above mentioned anti-socials would ignore it and be let off. Old ladies who have never commited a crime in their lives would be hunted down with Nazi-like efficiency and suffer massive fines/jail terms for signing the card with the wrong colour ink.
    If Blunkett actually tried to apply existing laws in a sensible maner we would have no need for this scheme in the first place.
    Yet another stealth tax.
  6. i agree
  7. yeah you want me to carry id and i have to pay for it ?
    Give police power to beat shoot anyone not carrying it
    prosecute any doc treating someone not entiled to treatment
    bring on the police state
    excuse me have to help myself to some more medications

    I f you abuse drugs stop. give them to me i will treat them to a good home :D
  8. Apparently "they won't be compulsory in the sense that you would have to carry them at all times, but you will have to produce them to the police". So that's clear as mud then. Silly idea, born of Blunkett's cock size fears and the Home Office's file of stock ideas (can you remember the last time this wasn't on the agenda?)
  9. Hmm.. 8O
  10. This sounds like a waste of time
    hmmm going to stop terrorists
    hmm going to stop drug dealers
    hmm stop credit card Fraud
    I don't think so
    They can **** off if I'm paying £40 to live in my own ****ing country let alone produce ID for every little hitler who wants to with dire consequences if you don't. While real scumbags will get them given to them for free.
    SOd off blunkett and hire some coppers to enforce the laws we already got.
    Just think there use the same computer firm that did such a bang up job with the passports,DSS,ATC need I go on.
  11. Very bad idea.

    And ID card for civvies will really only be a security measure that in time will be abused, but not by Government.

    Hands up who wants o show ID every time they spend in a shop? Everytime you write a check or hand over a credit/debit card? Everytime in fact you do anything where a signature or piece of paper or form has to be filled in? What happens when you forget it?

    It'll be a complete pain in the arrse and to top it all you have to pay for the fcker.

    That is all besides the civil rights issues, and some of them are right, and some of them shyte.
  12. Why bother, they can be forged quite easily...happens all the time in europe.
  13. How about introducing compulsory DNA and fingerprint detection ...that has got to be the way ahead as well...
  14. And then we can have weekly reporting at your local nick...