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The introduction of the National ID card has begun in Manchester where those who want it can pay £30 for the privelege.

The government say it will be of great benefit.

Personally I see no benefit or need. I have a passport, driving licence, National health number and National insurance number.

If the government promised to deport all illegal immigrants caught as a result of the introduction I would sign up tomorrow. Then again those who live here illegally are hardly likely to register and will continue to live undetected.

Also the more the government place faith in it and regard it as the master ID document, then sooner or later it will be copied and as a result of it's prized ID value will be counter productive.

I just wondered peoples views on any advantages/disadvantages of such a card.


If they want to issue me one then I have no problem with it, after all 1 document which contains all of our info such as Dvr number, NHS number etc could be a good thing.

The production will probably be outsourced and the details left on a laptop on a train - sound familiar ?
I'm only for them if we have to produce them randomly in the street to strange men in leather overcoats & dark coloured trilby hats.


Build more jails - 10 million people refuse to pay for new ID Cards. Mind you knowing this lot, if you’re on benefit you can have one for free.
wevers said:
If they want to issue me one then I have no problem with it, after all 1 document which contains all of our info such as Dvr number, NHS number etc could be a good thing.

Well having worked in the wonderful world of Immigration and seen Govt computer projects 'up close' - I would eat my hat if these cards and the system behind them ever worked, and/or did what they claim.

I cant see them making any fucking difference whatsoever, except in the Govt themselves having more data about their populace at their fingertips.

It wont cut terrorism, fraud, or any benefits scams any more than current systems would be if they were properly implemented.

As for having all data in 'one place' making it easier... well it makes it easier for the fraudsters too. Look at the US soc security number.... like our NI number... but used for EVERYTHING (even to open a Blockbuster account). Has had the effect of simplifying ID theft for the fraudsters.

The only people this ID card scheme benefits are the Gov't and, sadly, I do not trust them at all.

Thirty quid outlays and tax hikes to pay for the database maintenance.

And for what?

Illegal immigrants already live outside of the mainstream populace,they have come here despite of all the other measures put in place to make entry into the country 'difficult'.

If they can do so without a passport what the hell is an ID card going to do to stop them?


This is just another expensive waste of taxpayers money to help the state keep control of the law abiding part of the populace.

If the government was serious about tackling immigration then they would start by halting the practice of handing out benefits to all and sundry who thinks the UK taxpayer owes them a living.

Why is it that there are armies of immigrants camped in France waiting for a lift over to Blighty?

And lets not even dignify the 'terrorism' arguement with the oxygen of publicity (although I am sure we will.)
fancy a few one in the name g brown
possibly j smith handy for ordeing hard core :twisted:
h Harman etc etc :twisted:


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This is yet one more nail in the coffin of freedom and one more method the stasi are using to control us. Already we have the situation where taxes are proposed with the sole purpose (admitted by cabinet member) of making flying too expensive for the hoi polloi, a proposed reduction and rstriction on speed limits - the excuse of safety given, when we all know that the government really want us not to drive anywhere. Too much movement of people means difficulty in controlling them. Satelite technology to be applied to cars, to enable tracking of journeys, and ultimately, the ability to shut down cars remotely. Having to notify government when leaving the mainland, and use a passport to go to Isle of Wight. Fingerprints and dna of all to be stored. All telephone, text messaging and internet use to be monitored and stored.

A woman from the former GRd was over here last week, and said that this country was- essentially - a wet dream for KGB, with the amount of surveillance carried out on all of us. Even by local councils. Not even the Bulgarians, at their worst, had that power.
£60 quid per card and less security than Glastonbury Festival
Boy where do i sign. NOT

Polizei state, nothing more
It won't stop terrorism , it won't stop benefit fraud
all it does is generate revenue for HMG
They'll be about as useful as one of those photocards you now get with your driving license, which if produced to the Old Bill you are told is not valid without the paper bit too.

What a waste of time and money they've turned out to be.

Don't we already have ID Cards anyway, they are called Passports.

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IF the said card was my DL and Passport all in one, and I only needed to carry the said card then I would agree to it providing that the government could guarantee my information was safe from certain fraudsters. However as the government data protection is particularly lax I feel that I should decline the offer of wasting my husbands hard earned cash.

Thanks though.
Hello campers.

I've just swamped the BBC 'have your say' page with a diatribefest against this latest increment towards the governments Orwellian Dream.

The fee is a red herring. It diverts public opposition away from the bigger Personal Liberty issues.
Sums up this pathetic excuse for a government; p1ss £1 Billion up the wall on ID Cards that will do fcuk all to make this country more secure. Then tell Gurkhas, who have helped make this country secure for generations, that we can't afford to allow them to stay here. :evil:

Please excuse me, gentlemen; I feel a berserker rage coming on... :pissedoff:

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