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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bluebird94, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. right im off to catterick in 9 days packed and ready, double checked i had everything and found that i didn't have my national health service card, I've turned my house upside down looking for it and i cant find it, how important is it for me to take? and what would happen if i did not take it?

    sorry if posted in the wrong part.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Not important. If you know your NHS number thats easy, if you have time ask your GP surgery, it's so the Army can request your records etc. failing that just tell them the name and address of your surgery.
  3. As said just get the surgery to write your number down on a piece of headed note paper.
  4. As long as you know it it doesn't have to be on headed paper so call in at the surgery and ask. And before anyone starts I am saving electricity by not using all punctuation.
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  5. i thought they would already have access to health records? to make sure you have not hidden anything from them. i thought they was checked prior to PH1 as i immagine it would save an awfull amount of time?
  6. And be completely against data protection.
  7. i thought on the rg8 you signed to consent to them seeing it? im sure my NHS number went on that? thought that is what the point of it was
  8. How? The OP would have signed giving permission on enlistment & the MOD is a licensed & registered Data Controller.
  9. My fault. I thought he meant that the ACIO already had carte blanche access. Not that he had already signed something in the plethora paperwork already submitted. Calm down dear, it's only t'internet!
  10. It is only the internet and Im answering questions to the things I know are 100% required from experience so applicant gives consent on the RG8 to allow med information going to the medical experts...OR THEY DONT GET IN and to stop Med staff getting upset the NHS number goes on GP headed note paper if not on correct card (if they have bothered getting the number from the GP go the extra few minutes to get on headed paper)...this causes less hassle and you upsetting staff ...a problem really you dont need. THESE ARE FROM A LOT OF EXPERIENCES not just hear it right and dont get in the shit.
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  11. Shouldn't be a problem, most people don't know NHS number so all systems take this into account (in NHS anyway). What they need to know is name, sex (male, female or other), address, GP name, etc that'll match you on the spine and/or DBS.
  12. Congratulations for making it to Ph 1.

    Good luck!