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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    3 Doors Down - Citizen Soldier


    I thought the National Guard and the Three Doors Down group did great with this video, it should appeal to teenagers of the required age.
  2. Can i join the National Guard Tripwire or do i have to be resident? It would be such a shame to show me this video knowing full well that i won't be able to join. I mean - I am so enticed to join after watching it. I want to be all i can be...
  3. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Here's a link.:

    I think one has to reside in the USA and be a citizen or a Naturalized citizen to join up. :wink:

  4. This is a p*ss take? Yes? Anti-english images and images of a war they entered 3/4s of the way through, to recruit for today?
  5. Plus shit music.
  6. I think what they are trying to say is. Look this was our first victory against the English (why the Union Flag isn't flying is unclear) but we couldn't have done it with out French help. Their history doesn't go that far back, so they sort of scrape the barrel with that one.

    Also on a serious note, the spams still have a lot of respect for the minutemen and citizen soldiery of the time. They are trying to build up the rep of the NG with these links.

    Then they are saying, look what we did at Normandy, despite the fact we turned up late, practically bankrupted our "allies" in various dubious deals that they had to accept because they had their backs to the wall.

    Music sh1t. Imagery sh1t. Song sh1t. I have seen better National Guard adverts, I will just have to locate one. I know the one I mean, but I'll have to find it.

    I can honestly say, in my experience of National Guards, a fair few will probably not rate this.

    Why weren't images of Vietnam used?
  7. It's a good job those cannon were firing those special explosive shells that didn't create any shrapnel...
  8. My bold

    So much for the "special relationship" between the US and the UK :roll:

    Perhaps when the red necks walk into the recruiting office someone would be kind enough to tell them that they´re NOT joining up to shoot the Brits !

    I would love to see the political outrage in the states if the British Forces used a recruiting campaign with that kind of material in it ! Perhaps the yanks should get their "best buddies", the French, to take over all current UK deployments !
  9. Think they forgot that it just another English Civil War ?
  10. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Soft glorified shite if you ask me. What's it got to do with anything modern other than some fellas rescuing their mate whose obviously had too many and fallen asleep in a hut. Is that part of America that dangerous?

    I'm being pithy, because what the hell were these guys thinking? "Ahh yes, the British - our aulde foe - when did we do anything with them last, hmmm". Daft pillocks.
  11. I can't view this as I am at work, let me guess, is it a sort of history lesson? Does it show the 29th blood-letting innocent civillians? Perhaps it is meant to warn potential recruits that sometimes an occupying force can out-stay its' welcome, and the populace taking to arms is the only way to gain freedom, or even that if you see a Union Flag it is okay to shoot...
  12. Have AQ or JAM ever used the analogy of the War of Independance in propagander?
  13. I did wonder that at first and realised that they went into that one on their own and as such they lost :twisted:
  14. I think this one is much better.

    I am still looking for the other one.

    Maybe the Americans on the site, may find it or know of it. It was mainly animated and had the deep voice narrator of action films.

    Something about earning credit for college was mentioned. One NG went out in a helicoptor to assist in a forest fire, and another loaded a shell in to a gun with something written on it, possibly "eat this" or similar.

    Or there is this one..... :twisted:

    Sorry, Sorry got to get this one in

    History of Heroes, in the opening scenes it states....

    "Founded in 1636" Funny thinks I, how old IS America?

    Then comes up.

    "The Army National Guard is America's oldest military institution predating the birth of our nation by 150 years"

    Cheesy but not too bad. Why prey tell wasn't the Spanish/American war included in the video at the start of this thread? Too many Spanish Americans to get offended per chance? Ditto Scottish Americans for the correct flag of the Union (as in the United Kingom one not the American one) to be shown?
  15. Wow, isn't it funny how you always hear the British complaining about the lack of patriotism in Britain and then whenever someone posts an example of American patriotism on here all the British do is bash it.

    How is the video anti-English at all? If a nation began with a war or independence from another country wouldn't that be important for their history/culture? Isn't it ironic how you all jump at this for being anti-English and then procede to bash America for the rest of the thread?

    By the way all this "French won the war" stuff is bullshit, thats like saying the Soviet Union beat the USA in Vietnam and not the actual Vietnamese. Most of the aid to the Americans was in supplies, money, guns, etc. The only actual major battle they fought in America was the last, Yorktown. Even if Yorktown hadn't happened the British were on their way out of America sooner or later.

    Also, the reason they didn't show the Spanish-American war is because no national guard units actually fought in it, while one of the divisions which landed in Normandy was a national guard division.