National Guard readiness eroded by Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 20, 2005.

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  2. There's a pretty good fly-on-the-wall documentary series being run over here in Septicland (on the Discovery Times Channel) about a Coy from the Arkansas Guard (all from the same small town- ominously reminicient of the Pals Bns of WWI) that gets mobilized and deployed to Iraq. The most MODERN truck they took with them was of pre-Vietnam vintage. Some dated back to the 1950s!!! With the fact that they all have 'real' careers/businesses and/or farms to take care of, as well the obvious things like families that regulars have to deal with, I don't know who the hell in their right mind would sign up for the guard/reserves at the moment. They, more than anyone else I think, are being asked to do too much, with too little and insufficent reward.

    It seems that, much like our illustrious Defence Procurement Agency, the Pentagon is too busy fussing over bits of new, Gucci kit and forgetting to remember to provide the basics.
  3. It's quite a positive piece of news that, particularly if you're under threat of becoming one of those 'future missions'. Chavez of Venezuela can hopefully sleep easier in his bed and continue to spread real freedom to his people without the inconvenience of having to constantly look over his shoulder - to check that the US 'strings-attached' version isn't about to march uninvited into yet another sovereign state.
  4. The Guard and the TA are both being misused and abused with long term negative consequenses.