National Geographic Channel - Situation Critical - Op BARRAS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ChickVonFlick, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. Oh dear oh dear.

    I have just watched this programme. I am abroad at the moment, so I don't know whether it has hit the UK screens yet. Most soldiers will at least of heard of the hostage rescue in Sierra Leone.

    Lt Col Simon Fordham, former CO Irish Rangers featured in this programme stating that he was passed a map of the WSB HQ by the hostages.

    If this had been stated by the journos, then..whatever, but Col Fordham went on as a talking head stating this as a fact.

    The information regarding the location of the hostages, both initially, and after their move to the White House (he knows what I mean) was conducted soley by a different capbadge, who gave you a constant feed of updated information.
  2. Its been on Disco UK, I started watching it ,but gave up after 5 mins of utter dross.
  3. Could it be that the good CO is merely trying to maintain a touch of Opsec and trying not to publicize a successfull tactic :? ( Just a thought, I've not seen the prog. )
  4. I agree.

    He who dares, Rodney, he who dares!!
  5. I'm sure I read the same claim about a map in the book Operation Certain Death by Damien Lewis. No idea how accurate or otherwise it is.
  6. You are correct!
  7. Watched the prog last night on Discovery channel.
    Yes 'Tarted' up to show the Desisive action of UK Gov under Tony ? (Who) and ruthlessness of the West Side Boys but a fair reflection on the courage and skills of HM Forces.