National Front/BNP Founder Dies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maninblack, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    John Tyndall, founder of the BNP and one time National Front leader has been found dead.

    Shame! I am so gutted.
  2. I'll not shed a tear, but neither will I crack open the Bollinger.
  3. Blair to send the wife to give a eulogy? Usual deferential comments all round from prominent members of opposing parties? BBC retrospective on life and career? National Day of mourning? Two minutes silence, surely? Commemmorative postage stamp?

    No one to note his passing other than a handful of his mates, then...
  4. Thus passes an era, the era of pretty rubbishy right wing fascist parties populated by skinheads and very dodgy, usually Australian, academics. Tyndall was a very poor successor to Mosley and as a comparison with Hitler or mussolini lacked a lot in the dictator manque stakes too. I remember being taken by our history tutor to one of his meetings in Reading. He really lacked the charisma so essential to farming out extremist policy and was not in any way frightening. As indeed was his opposite number in the socialist workers Party - who we were also taken to see on the hustings.

    I remember fighting with the NF skinheads at Hyde Park corner during a SKAN (School-kids Against the Nazis) evenement. Tyndall stood on his soap box surrounded by his pimply, Harrington jacketed praetorians and looked by turns smug, scared and then positively as if he wished to be elsewhere! I am afraid he lacked any redeeming qualities, poor orator, poor philosophy, weak persona and lack of intestinal fortitude.

    So farewell then...I wonder who has his jackboots and brownshirt now?
  5. You weren't impressed then? 8)
  6. I detect a whiff of sarcasm.
  7. Good riddance.
  8. Was Martin Webster involved in that two-in-a-bed romp?

    He died in Hove (nudge nudge, Camp Freddie may know him) and a spokesman said he was "hounded to death by the Police and the CPS. He was a better man than anyone who works for the BBC".

    That £7.31 invested in a new PR company was money well spent.
  9. Seconded. Wasn't that much in the public eye, so won't be missed.

    Would be lovely to hear a big fat african woman turn up to his funeral in full colourful tribal dress claiming to be his secret long-time love interest :D
  10. :lol: I like your thinking. :twisted:
  11. I'd like to see a big fat African man with a b_ugger's grip moustache in full colourful tribal dress etc...

    Other than that, not a time for gloating or celebrating as pointed out most eloquently earlier.
  12. See Thurmond, Strom.

    On the current subject, at least 12 people can get out of jury duty.
  13. Good ridance ...... bottle of champagne was had tonight with the fervent wish he burns in the hot place..... lets hope its the end to all those loonies
  14. JT was in a sulk 'cos his sooper rich Fiance, heiress to the Dior Fortune, ran off with his Brownshirt Boss Colin Jordan....
  15. About bloody time the Nazi left us in peace.

    Good riddance indeed to very bad rubbish.