National flags ban lifted

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bossyboots, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. The rule changes will allow national flags to be flown without permission however they are displayed. It will also apply to international flags, such as the EU, UN or commonwealth flags.

    On the surface it looks like common sense but the devil is always in the detail. This means Town Halls will be able to replace our National Flags with their beloved EU flag. Watch how this rule change will be applied by our so called "Representatives"
  2. So the rest of the UK will now look like Northern Ireland?
  3. I'm going to encourage the painting of kerbstones in my street Red, White and Blue and to get across both communities I'll have Mrs Mukhabarat bashing the dustbin lid on the pavement every now and again

    God help any bvgger who paints a cheesy mural on the side of my house though. :x
  4. Oh i dunno mukhabarat, anything is better than the fading peeling adverts that are painted on house sides for bronchial balsam and the like :lol:
  5. Excellent BB!! There is just such an advert seen in Bedford whilst walking from the Railway Station to my eldest daughter's place in Elstow.

    Unfortunately you are more likely to slip on an ejected Somalian Green Grolly in my street than see the ad for the all curing panacea.............. :D
  6. Obviously they wouldn't be able to understand what the advert is saying then mukhabarat, hence the green gollies everywhere :lol:
  7. Do we get to paint murals of Bobby Sands and King Billy as well? We'd better, or I'm not playing.
  8. Oh go on then, but only if i can have Margaret Thatcher and Ian Paisley on mine 8O
  9. Or to be more ethnically inclusive, perhaps Osama bin Laden and Nelson Mandela would be more appropriate?
  10. You could open local pubs called 'The Pol Pot' or 'The Idi Amin'.

    The Idi Amin public house could have a restaurant named the 'Bob Astles Carvery' if all that was written in the media about a few fillets of human in his Ugandan fridge are true.