National filters & uk censorship

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by l/cpl_blowhard, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. are we being censored :p
  2. Given some of the sites linked to in the Naafi bar, I'd say the answer is that it's not censored here.

    (And isn't it a bit early for stream-of-(un)consciousness posts?)
  3. read the original thread, f**k i knew this would happen :D , it must be dynamic mong magnetics at work, ok ill try again, has the government imposed national filters on uk based ISP ,
  4. Think of a subject, any subject, as depraved, violent, subversive or just plain deviant as you like and Google it.

    Filters? No.
    Ability to recognise "odd" browsing patterns? That's a possibility.
  5. Errr... No.

    But then I don't appear to be able find that domain either.....
    If it's being "filtered" it's being done in a very sneaky and intelligent fashion :wink:
  6. no m8 could not find that website :D , im sure he posted a link on a zone alarm morror site about uk censorship 8O
  7. The day after 9/11 there was a bird on the news standing outside G.C.H.Q .This is the British equivalent of the pentagon where they read all our emails and text messages.
    Everyone in the room just looked stunned.It was not repeated as far as I know.

    This link does not work in vietnam.

  8. ? :D
  9. Not here either (Netherlands)

    Mind you, nor does this:

    The biggest mail order firm in the Netherlands (British owned) but at least it stops the missus spending money.

    Broadband fcuked it, thank fcuk.
  10. I work for a telecoms company and used to see some of the complaints/requests comming in for our ISP on one case a fax was sent to our bit of the office by mistake it was the police requesting details of which of our subscribers had a certain IP address a few moths prviously as it had been linked to a kiddy porn site A record of the Ip address's are kept on system for months so tracing him would not be a hard thing to do, Whilst there maybe no restrictions it doesnt meran you arent being watched/monitored or even expect a knock on the door months ater you looked at something you shouldn have been