National Ferry Fortnight - UK

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Emsav, May 14, 2011.

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  1. Just to let everyone know that National Ferry Fortnight starts today - all operators have some very special fares.

    P&O Dover/Calais - Car and 4 passengers - £25 day return
    Brittany Ferries - Day Trip to France - £23 (foot passenger) take your car £29 return
  2. Whats the ******* catch?

    Only for departures of between 13 and 14 minutes past each hour if said car is actually a camel?
  3. Fcuk off, Frog.
  4. The banner that has just come up at the end of this is from Norfolkline, aka DFDS (Don't F**k Danish Stewardesses) for 4 bodies and a car for £19.
    What always grips me is the cost of ferries and the little extras that they manage to fit in like having to to book seats on the over night ferries.
    The costs on the Western Channel routes are a joke. The cheapest/most affordable used to be Condor from Portsmouth to Cherbourg. Condor now want at least £330 for a ride on the Vomit Comet. LD Lines are a joke with their prices. Brittany and P&O seem to work hand in glove: No cartel, don't make me larf
    The blokey who had Speedferries got it right and the big companies did everything they could to put him out of business. Speedferries were even denied bunkering facilities at Dover. Anyway the big boys finally got their wish and Curt Stavis is out of business.
    Who said that Piracy is confined to warmer parts of the world? Don't worry, it's alive and well and flourishes in the English Channel
  5. Those prices are advertised year 'round.
  6. Look's like nobody bothered to tell IoM Steam Packet - booking for TT week? ...get ready to be rimmed!!