National embarrassment? could have been a national disaster!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jakeblues68, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. Two inquiries into the capture of 15 Royal Navy personnel by Iran have identified "shortcomings", but have said no one person was to blame.
    Defence Secretary Des Browne said the report into the capture had identified "a series of vulnerabilities", such as inadequate training in boarding

    Its a pity Lt Gen Sir Rob Fultons' report remains classified as it would make good reading.
    His findings of the events "were not the result of a single gross failing or individual human error".......really??
    Also the second report looks at the conduct of dealing with the media, again a bit of egg on chin for Mr Browne.

    Now Browney has accepted the findings of the reports, and Mr Cameron giving the extra push, will we see a resignation?

  2. They should resign, but not for the reason you are thinking of, but for failing to publically support the sailors and booties who probably prevented a war. That our politicos have been driven by the media instead of showing a firm lead is very sad.
  3. Resignation ? Give me a break. Nobody in this disgraceful gang of cheating spivs, masquerading as a government, would know the meaning of the word. It would mean a degree of personal integrity and acceptance of responsibility and thus, by definition, is a non-starter.
  4. And sad to say some pretty senior officers who act in the same style.
  5. 'This report does conclude that everyone was to blame a bit but no one was to blame a lot'
    Nick Harvey
    Lib Dems

    Its an indicative reply that suggests the whole government will now shut their eyes.
    Meanwhile; it takes 2 to 3 years of 3,000 centrifuges operating smoothly to produce enough highly enriched uranium for one implosion-type weapon.

    Bloody Turney's self awareness was shite AND it was 100% her fault!

    Any objections to that or can the officer take the RAP!
  6. ... yep, gone are the days when self respect meant resigning ... and as has happened on so many occasions with bliars cabinent of self interested ministers when they say they will resign if they don't meet their target/promise they are conveniently moved to another department just before the time comes for them to resign ! ... like "i can't see where my policies are taking us" blunkett, hewitt, reid, and not forgetting the infamous smooth talking hoon !
  7. You're spouting sh1t on another thread as well :twisted:
  8. Any body know if the sea shantys heard in the backround of the bbc news are available on CD?
    heard that it was performed by a Ben Walker of the "One Man Barbershop Quartet"
    Would like to have it on the cab radio when dropping Jack at the Dockyard.

    Still cant quiet work out a one man Quartet ???
  9. Or as Max Hastings said: Here was a further example of what happens when the most senior service jobs are given to officers who perceive themselves as civil servants in uniform, rather than as warriors.
  10. Keep politics out of the WardRoom or Mess and hopefully, the politicians will let those whose job it is to wreak havoc upon our enemies, do their job as well.
  11. Someone should hand Des the mess revolver! Lanky makes a very good point in that the lads averted a war (or at least a very sticky situation) by not charging stark naked at the enemy.
  12. Like the way that Bean was singled out for his Ipod. What about that fat heffer who was tabbing away on telly. She was a fcuking disgrace.
  13. That was the old way, now everything is micro managed by the polititians to enhance their image. I have a strong suspicion that the reason no senior officer at all is fingered in this enquiry is they have all provided details of what their defence will be, and Mr Browne is keeping quiet until Gordon gives him a nicer job with better carreer prospects.
  14. Isn't it ironic that in order to save their own skin, people such as the First Sea Lord can ridicule the most junior rating involved in this incident in order to draw attention away from the entire CoC between the two? Could this amount to the bullying of a Junior Rate by a Senior Officer?