National Defence Medal Campaign - Even the thread failed!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Hellmans, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. So someone comes on here, makes an argument for a medal, gets lots of objective reasons why his campaign is flawed, makes some strange/outrageous comments and the thread gets locked.


    Look how many posts in a short space of time, almost Frickeresque!

    Tedious is the reason? Yet we still have inane word association threads and they are not tedious??????????????????

    Bah Humbug! :evil:
  2. Mmmmmm agreed. WAH -well it should have been allowed to run its course, like they all do.

    If not, then the discussion should have been allowed to continue.
  3. Do you think he got the message? :D
  4. Them were the days....
  5. I can't believe this government won't give us an NDM thread. I didn't sweat in front of my computer during the previous 3 NDM threads for nothing you know, at any time I could have been attacked by axe weilding intruders who could have broken into my house- I wasn't but that's not the point. At one point my daughter ran over my foot with her new xmas rollerskates, she may have even done it on purpose, but I remained unflinching at my keyboard, in fact I had no choice in the matter as it was my turn on the laptop.

    What short memories we all have - tell that to the lads from strip wood eh?
  6. I bet you re-live this story every night at the Royal British Legion of Frontiersmen, don't you! You National Service Walt :lol:
  7. Very funny lads. It's all a game until somebody gets hurt...
  8. ..or ran over by a lemonade truck!
  9. Yeh, but what about the campaign for a MDN medal?
  10. FCUK THAT - The mental scars are bad enough to wear!
  11. Right, that's it, your not welcome at any future RBL of F function from now on as you obviously don't remember the little known action at the bedding store in wankum, and in honour of this action I've had a new tie pin struck (only to be worn by RBL of F executives). :)

    Anyway did I tell you about the time.........
  12. For services to Persian-Homosexual liaison? :twisted:
  13. I would never have mentioned that blooming wagon if I'd known that it would have been taken out of context! But for those of you who laugh, what about the Nuclear Test Veterans? Or the bromide guinea-pigs? Or those who underwent forced circumsicion (NO JOKE)? Or the lads crushed under their tanks on Soltau? No laughing matter and no different from today.
  15. I don't see any reason why we can't get one of these I have already "nationally defenced", Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan again, Oh yes and Germany and even the West Midlands during the cold war :D

    so er.... yes please.

    er .... yes please with sugar on top :D (if that helps)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.