National Crime Agency begins criminal investigation into Arron Banks

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soros paid the £400,000 openly after the referendum all above board.
Banks £8million in murky situations
Which explains your employment status and income level, then.
Lackbag's up to his knees in peanut shells. Mother should tidy up round him.


Because that was done through the perfectly legal routes which are open to anyone who's not bent as a nine-bob note.[/QUOTE

So that leaves out most MPs and member of the House of Lords]
Well, no, of course it won't convince you: you have to believe it as it neatly fits your personal narrative.

. . . and what's your position on 'Muslamic Ray Guns'? Gotta be true as it was on Youtwatter.
What he was saying was Muslim rape gangs. So your narrative is that is not true? Stop trolling, you fool.
Pay peanuts, get monkeys, Harry
But we aren't paying exactly peanuts and some departments pay progression and career paths are very good. However, nobody wants to work for what many perceive is a failing state apparatus.
Shittinginabag's late on parade.

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