National Compensation Week

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bad_Crow, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Is it just me or is everybody getting compo this week or atleast planning to.

    Cadets with faces like the fella out of fantastic 4
    Dykes with picture messages of Sgt's pen1s saying "let me put my love into you."
    Porton down NAPS takers.
    That RAF bird. (Okay not this week but it helps the thread)

    I feel left out. I'm sure alot of you do too.

    So i've decided that the Government should hold a week where we all get to claim:

    I'm going to claim for there being no bog roll in the southbound service on the M6 toll.
    Having two fingers put up to me by a workman who showed me the green side of his paddle at the temp road works but then changed his mind as i approached.
    Oh and ofcourse I'm going to take the DVLA to the cleaners for losing my docs.

    Anybody else got anything worth getting £400,000 for. Or £20 for it it was serious?
  2. I sincerely hope that there is bog roll on the southbound services of the M6 Toll, purely because they are same services Northbound and I will be in them in approx 2.5 hrs! It's why I pay my £3.50 (after 11)

    This could mean a potential class action.
  3. Seriously, when I went outside this morning at 07:50 it was raining I hadn't put my jacket on due to the weather bird saying it would rain in the area around 08:00 on news 24 at 07:30. I got really wet and everyone said I looked like a drowned rat. I felt humiliated and errrrrr.......... wet.

    That's gotta be worth half a mil?

  4. You still up to your old 'hanging around mens toilets late at night' tricks again, Pocoyo?
  5. Right you are. Had they have had both northbound and southband services then they would have two sets of toilet facilities, two store rooms and twice the amount of bog roll.

    This is their fault and I am Outraged!
  6. Oi that's harassment mate! Where the fcuk are Lawyers-4-u when you need them?

    What I choose to do with my spare time, and the toilets I choose to do it in is entirely my own perversion. No worries though my Lord, I'll send you the piccies.