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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by beemer007, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. Good idea, certainly a step in the right direction.
  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Great idea, shame about the title. Mind you I do wonder, if you had total takeup, where we would put half a million teenagers for two months. And running these camps is going to take highly imaginative activity provision and very firm leadership; the best kids could get loads out of it, the worst may just want to wreck it for everyone else. Possibly could include opportunities to get DoE awards.
  3. Largely pointless.

    It's voluntary, so will appeal only to those youths who already have a plethora of volunteering/youth organisation options.

    On the other hand it will create x number of publically funded non-jobs. So someone will benefit.
  4. Apparently the vatican offers a fantastic day care program, what's the motto "No child left behind"?... Or "behind left"
  5. My bold:

    Our instructors use many of the skills they have been trained in from their military backgrounds to provide focus and direction for their students. They do not ''teach'' in the traditional sense, but create an environment in which pupils can learn. More and more schools are embracing their Skill Force teams, not only to work with the difficult to reach, but right across the student population. Because of the unique skills, qualifications and approach of our instructors, we are able to raise standards and maximise the potential of many of the students with whom we work.

    This scheme IIRC basically mirrors the old 'summer camp' imo, however it also has the backing of H4H patron Prince William :wink:

    There are plenty of Schools, Colleges and other similar establishments inc council sports establishments available up & down the country for the facilities, the only flaw i can see is the regular funding required strategically.

    I can still hear 'Bring back national service' from many though :)

  6. So can I, I can also say, with my hand on my heart that I've never heard it said by anyone who is serving.
  7. What a load of old Arrse!

    I couldn't have said it better.
    Is some old duffer ready to roll out the clapped out "Lets flog the dead 'Orse of National bloody Service" Again.
  8. Should pay the youth a modest wage for the "national service". It would only be fair (guessing national service In the 50's was paid). Also probably be the first time in their lives they would have some spare cash. Hopefully have less people on the dole as they see the true value of actually having worth while money. Good idea
  9. Is this another of those, 'please dont send him down your honour, he is going to join the Army' schemes?
  10. I agree. We already have the Scout and Guide Movement, Cadets, Boys Brigade etc. The kids that are inclined to join these worthy organisations, will anyway.

    So are the unwilling going to be dragooned into it?
  11. Exactly.
  12. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    That's why I said 'shame about the title'. This is apparently a voluntary summer camp idea. Only a complete unthinking moron, who is determinedly totally unaware of the complexity and professionalism of modern military life, would think NS in its old sense was (today) useful, affordable, or anything other than completely pointless; or in any way other than totally unhelpful to the military community, and a huge waste of time and resources for everyone involved. I fear we have (in this title) yet another glimpse of Cameron's immaturity.

    Sorry about the length of that sentence but the least whisper of 'bring back NS' makes me feel ill.
  13. You are spot on - but there are a great deal of morons out there with the NS view, many on Arrse sadly...
  14. Currently being debating on R4, the funding (£50M) for the first '2yrs' of this project will taken from the 'prevent' project? however considering this skillforce has been established since 2000 BUT only targets England & Scotland and currently working with 4000 students.

    It does seem a lot of money for a project only aimed at youths for a short summer period, the cynic in me believes other organisations already mentioned by fozzy would be more beneficial considering what they have to offer & better established.