National Bullying Helpline - Christine Pratt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. Can I be the one to reveal that the National Bullying "Helpline" run by Christine Pratt is a VERY suspicious organisation?

    It finds itself mentioned as part of the No 1. national news item this morning because Christine Pratt revealed that 3 or 4 people who work at 10 Downing Street complained to her organisation about 'bullying'.

    Here's how her operation works:

    You are feeling bullied by your boss at work.
    You ring the National Bullying "helpline".
    She asks for your details, including very importantly, the name of your employer, promising to keep all details confidential.
    She sends a form to you, asking for you to sign and transfer your complaint to HR and Diversity Management (very competitive rates compared to solicitors who charge £150 per hour).
    She doesn't tell you that HR and Diversity Management is run by her husband, David Pratt.
    She then contacts your employer without your knowledge and, having duped you with the transfer form, tells them that you've lodged a bullying complaint with her via her "helpline".
    Employers go along with it and also hand over money in order to set up so-called "mediation".
    The "mediation" begins, however the NBH are paid by both parties and the bullied employee ends up being ganged up on and paying towards their own very cheap dismissal.

    If you're being bullied in work, Downing Street, or wherever, DON'T ring this "helpline". They may even dispatch people to you in the middle of the night if you end up in dispute with them. I heard this some weeks ago, but it was revealed on the Today programme this morning.

    ps. Don't assume the obvious and make out I'm some sort of Liarbour party sympathiser. Check my previous posts.

    The big scam here is that Christine Pratt has Chartered Institute of Personnel Development approval - which in turn protects employers and the major political parties, who both endorse her operation and this, along with no legal definition of 'bullying' keeps bullying out of the real courts but added as an afterthought in tribunals, which continues to protect them from an onslaught of massive legal claims during the recession.
  2. So if they automatically contact the employer with details that you have made a complaint, why is the PM's PPS now demanding the Christine Platt gives them the evidence about alleged complaints. If what you claim is true then they already have all the evidence! Or you could just be talking boll0x.

    There is a clear smear campaign being mounted by the Labour Party. Looks like you have fallen for it.
  3. Where did you get this infomation from, give us a link or refferance
  4. That sounds very much like typical negative spin being put out to discredit the story by trashing the source.

    The arrangements seem pretty clear on their website:

    "The National Bullying Helpline is the brainchild of Christine Pratt and her husband David. Christine first set up HR & Diversity Management Ltd in 2002 and realised the enormity of the problem caused to industry by bullying at work, so launched a bullying Helpline. The Helpline was awarded Charity status early 2007 and is the only UK workplace Bullying Helpline Charity in the UK run by qualified CIPD professionals. The Charity is the only Helpline in the UK that addresses bullying in all corners of society"

    "Our processes are open and transparent. Occasionally, we are asked to refer callers on to other expert dispute resolution service providers. Where we refer cases for legal expertise, investigation, mediation, HR consultancy or any other professional consultancy, (referred to as Associates), we would always involve you. We would not action a referral without your explicit consent. On the contrary, such an action is usually triggered by a formal request on your part. You are given choices. In every case you would have the right to place the business with whomever you chose. Terms of Reference are entered into in such circumstances.

    We have a Working Agreement with all our Associates. In most cases the Associate makes a charitable donation to us in return for referred business.

    There are no circumstances in which we would pass on your personal data without your explicit (written) consent."
  5. Watch it, or he'll be ringing Christine about you! :p :p :p
  6. Actually, I think the most suspicious things regarding the National Bullying Helpline are the close affiliations with the Tories - on their opening page, they mention three Tory MPs.

    I read on another forum that apparently there accounts are also severely overdue, and there expenditure for their last lot of accounts was around £800 - apparently not much considering it's a charity.

    Regarding the disclosure of information, I must admit this seems very odd. As an undergraduate, I used to volunteer for the university Nightline service, based on the Samaritans model, and there is now way the nature of calls should ever be disclosed - especially revealing the details of where the workplace they were made from. Common sense dictates that this could make problems worse.

    Also, how can they be sure the calls were genuine - it could easily have been a journalist who made the calls, as they're getting a lot of millage from this at the moment.

    Personally, I think the whole thing stinks.
  7. Either Mrs Pratt has breached the conditions of a confidential helpline-very serious and potentially damaging to all confidential helplines.
    I see Ann Widdicombe, one of the patrons, has turned on her for breaching confidentiality


    She's making the calls up.

    I'm inclined to believe the latter, she's seen a bandwaggon to put life into her ailing 'charity' and she's jumped
    on it.
  8. Ms Pratt is not a Tory stooge because if she was you can be damn sure that it would have been handled a lot better than her simply blurting to the BBC, because it is clear that she should have kept her gob shut.

    None of it however detracts from the simple fact that Brown is a bully, is deeply flawed, always been, is unstable and wholly unfit for high office.

    Curent noise just a distraction effort from the Lord of Darkness.

  9. Info about the national bullying helpline here.

    Further commets about the media feeding frenzy here

    Of course, these might be damage control by Labour, but the fact that a so-called charity is happy to reveal confidential information for whatever reason is distinctly suspect. They do seem to have a history of losing patrons, I see another has just resigned, and according to one of the links above, an MP resigned in the past because of close links between the "Helpline" and a commercial service offered by Christine Pratts husband.

    Not that I'm a fan of Gordon Brown, but false accusations will probably just strengthen his hand.
  10. Smear Smear Smear enough said.

    Labour are crapping themselves over this issue. I hope one of the complainants goes public. Should earn a pretty packet if they do.
  11. I believe your right, or she's been incredably stupid and fed a line by some right-wing journo or apparatchik. Either way she's just kissed goodbye to her 'charity' and business, because any credability she had has just disappeared . . .
  12. Who from? The taxpayer, or The National Bullying Helpline for breach of confidentiality?
  13. Amazing lobster wrote "..Actually, I think the most suspicious things regarding the National Bullying Helpline are the close affiliations with the Tories - on their opening page, they mention three Tory MPs. ..."

    The organisation is on a list provided for use by Mandelsons department. So obviously a cunning tory plant.
    The organisations launch was hosted by Gordon Browns PPS so obviously a cunning tory plant
    One of the tories you mention is an honorary position as she is leader of the London Health authority. If it was a Lab council he would be mentioned. How dare the bastard have won an election and taken up the post.
    David Cameron is quoted on the home page because he had the courtesy to reply to a letter written to him. Gordon Brown did not reply so was not quoted. How dare the bastard extend the courtesy of replying to a letter from a charity.
    By the way, can you name the 3 tory MP's or did you just take that from the labour spin that is desperately being flung out. I know of two, Cameron and Widdicombe, who is the third?

    edited to correct position of local councillor
  14. Methinks that the Labour Party complain to much over this little gem, to many of the faithfull coming out of the woodwork for it to be a pack of lies
  15. Tin Foil hats, Tin Foil hats, get your Tin Foil hats here...