National Black Police Association is guilty of racism

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DesktopCommando, Oct 29, 2008.

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    A Conservative MP has told the National Black Police Association it is guilty of racism because it won't allow white police officers to become full members.

    Monmouth MP David Davies, a part-time special constable and a member of the Home Affairs select committee, says police officers of all nationalities want to take part in the fight against inequality.

    "It could be suggested that it is implicitly racist in suggesting that white people care less about racism than people of black, Middle eastern, Asian or African origin," Mr Davies said.

    Full membership of the National Black Police Association, set up to promote race relations and equality in police forces in the UK, is only open to officers and support staff of African, African-Caribbean, Middle eastern, Asian and Asian origin.

    The MP's comments, made in a speech at the association's annual conference in York, were dismissed by its president, Ali Dizaei.

    He questioned why Mr Davies was not suggesting that the Women's Police Association should invite men to become members.

    Commander Dizaei, who was suspended from duty by the Metropolitan Police in September pending an investigation into his conduct, told delegates that every police force in the country should be forced to conduct an annual "race audit" to ensure they are doing all they can to promote race awareness and equality.

    He also called for a change in the law so that more Muslim officers can be recruited and fast-tracked to gather intelligence in communities that harbour disaffected youths.

    He told Sky News Online that positive discrimination was needed to root out extremism in areas where English is hardly spoken.

    He said senior officers want to be able to say: "I need an Urdu of Punjabi officer in this division right now."


    Even the comment below the news page say the same, about equality, should have one orginisation for all sexes and races
  2. 'in areas where English is hardly spoken'

    Is he talking about my country? WTF is going on?
  3. All this Racism bit is purely self indulgent on their part, if anyone tried to start a whites only group imagine the outcry, I don't judge by Colour, race or creed-well I try not to-but I see people as people, if I dislike them then it is because I dislike them as a person and not as a pre judgement.

    However, my patience is being sorely tried as immigrants walk in and seemingly with immunity can say or do what they want and being handicapped by this PC sh*t we have to just sit back and take it...oh and by the way heres a council house and half a million in benefits, go blow something up.

    Even our home grown fundies can seemingly get away with murder with a minor slap on the wrist and a polite "please don't do it again..."

    I know, I'm ranting, it's my age :roll:
  4. Minorities are permitted to be racist but you must not call them that. Only white people are racist according to ZANU Labour.
  5. Of course they are racist! The very existence of National Black Police Association advocates apartheid.
  6. So what would be so wrong with saying

    "It could be suggested that it is implicitly racist in suggesting that white people care less about racism than non-white people".

  7. My bold; Fcuking hell, how the bl00dy hell can he justify saying that?!
    So, again we don't get the best for the job, just someone who the standards are moulded around.
    Race shouldn't enter into the equation when dealing with criminals.
  8. MOBOs - MOWOs doesn't exist

    The Voice (Britains only Black News paper) So where's Britains only White paper

    NBPA - NWPA doesn't exist

    Just a few examples. The official language is..... yes English not Urdu or any other language (OK we'll accept Welch and other Celtic dialects).

    I might be naive but do we have to have "balck" groups or "white" groups, after all we are multi cultural, multi racial, English speaking country.
  9. This whole thing kind of proves we aren't really multi racial/culural doesn't it?
    As far as I can tell, if you are white then we must treat everyone equally, if you are ethnic minority then you are entitled to special treatment.
    I accept that comment will get me labelled racist but that is exactly what is being said is it not? Positive discrimination is to be encouraged as long as it is in favour of anyone who is not white.
    It can be dressed up anyway you like but thats exactly what it says
  10. Positive discrimination is attractive to politicians because it promises quick results. It is a lazy solution to a complex problem.

    I have always wondered why there is a need to have a black police officer's association and why it is justified that such an organization can deny full membership to people on the basis of skin colour. The latter seems racist. I am glad some politician has decided to air the issue in public. IMO, there is no logical justification for the association's seemingly racist practices and I think that will bear out in public debate.
  11. If white men/women had a white police association they would be racist too, really if race is that much of a problem don't single yourself out even more by creating such an organisation.
  12. 'the black police association' makes it sound like it is there simply to further the interests of black police officers only.

    whats wrong with having just the one 'police group' for all races/colours/religions/etc with the sole purpose of preventing/tackling racism?

    edited for monging it
  13. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    A particularly lazy comment.

    There are plenty of occasions that celebrate ‘music of white origin’. The Proms springs instantly to mind as the vast, vast majority of classical composers were / are white.

    The MOBO’s exist to celebrate music that undeniably is of black origin – Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Rap etc and has given awards to such well known black people as um, Tim Westwood, Eminem and Mick Hucknall.

    There are also ‘white only' newspapers. They are invariably sold by certain shaven-headed gentlemen and are not carried by newsagents, thankfully.

    The BPA exists because black and Asian people have undeniably suffered discrimination in the past to a greater degree than any single white group and is a reaction to that.

    Or are you going to deny that discrimination ever happened?
  14. IIRC, the government funds the NBPA to the tune of over 200 grand a year. This represents nearly all of its funding. They had their funding frozen last year due to concerns about their activities. It's also a registered charity - that only happens to be accessible to those with the 'correct' skin colour.

    Regarding Dizaei's comments about the Women's Police Association, here is a quote from their web site:-

    "Full membership is open to all police officers, both male and female"

    Can't really get clearer than that, can you? The same applies to the gay police association. Members can be gay, straight or somewhere in between.

    In practising blatant, racial discrimination, the NBPA are breaking the law. Not only does the government turn a blind eye to this, they shower the group with cash as well.

    You could ask what is the difference between the NBPA and the BNP. The answer is that only one of them withholds membership from those of the 'wrong' skin colour.
  15. Of course discrimination happens, does that mean we must officially sanction more of the same to even the odds?
    The BPA is racist. The taxpayer must pay for its existence and its sole purpose is to gain advantage for its members on the basis of their skin colour.
    Officially sanctioned racism on the part of one organisation is not the answer.