National Artillery Association Trophy

I've just been shown a family heirloom, which I have no history of. It's a silver goblet or chalice with no lid, which has the following inscription around the lip:

" HRH The Prince of Wales Prize To The National Artillery Association Shoeburyness 1885"

There is an embossed 8 engraved on the main body of the cup.

Any ideas what this would be doing in Shropshire?
Who are the National Artillery Association, are they still around?

Many thanks,

A brief experiment with Mr Google gives a few clues....

Here is hit Number two

an article from an 1882 newspaper writing about a comptetiton held at Shoeburyness won by the "Kent volunteer artillery. The link on the article takes you to a page about the Sheffield Artillery Volunteers This not only says that the Sheffield Artillery Volunteers won cups in which says that the "1872 and 1894 were loaned back to the National Artillery Association in 1999 as prizes in current Volunteer gunnery competitions."

And googling "Shropshire artillery volunteers" reveals that Shropshire and Staffordshire raised an artillery volunteer garrison artillery unit which , in 1908 became the "Shropshire Royal Horse Artillery" and served in the world wars as field rather than garrison artillery. and

aha - here is what they looked like (presumably after 1895)

It was absorbed into the Shropshire Yeomanry in 1961 and is now part of the Mercian and Lancashie Yeomanry.

So the cup is a trophy won by the artillery volunteers for skill in a garrison artillery competition and may have been won or pilfered by someone in your family! The artillery volunteers became part of the TA IN 1906 (?) and it sounds as if the National Artillery Association is still around within the TA. The cup probably belongs to the Mercia and Lancashire Yeomanry. :D

Isn't the internet wonderful! Still glad you asked?
Nobody loves a smartass, but you're very clever. So thanks very much! My money is on some member of my family in years past being a thieving pikey, which is probably why I ended yp in the Army...
Cheers, I have been winning Mr Smartass competitions for nearly 40 years. ;)

But, is it really being a smartarse to use Google and some common sense? I am an ex gunner and know about Garrison Artillery and RHA, but you could really could have found this out in under an hour on your own if you had bothered.
One of the joys of Arrse is that there is usually someone who knows something about anything. At present, I'm staying with my parents whilst on a conference, and my 3 year old son sleeps in the room where they keep their computer, thus limiting the time I can go online. So I'm grateful for the info, but please don't assume it's just me being lazy.

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