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National Army Museum slideshow - 3 Para tour


Book Reviewer
A very wide-ranging set of pics from Cpl Mike Fletcher RLC who was attached to 3 Para for the Herrick tour:

Link here

(Great shot of Jamie the search dog - should send that one to 'The Field" !)

from an earlier piece on Defencenet here

FWIW and in case you were there,

Le Chevre
Fletch is an absolute star. I was on the EOD op that features somewhere around the middle of the portfolio, top bloke and top photographer. I wish him the very best.



Book Reviewer
yeah, some good shots there....and that's a TRF I've not seen too often.

Jamie the sniffer dog was the first thing anybody in a vehicle saw when they came into camp apparentely....which makes him a front line soldat in my book....dog-handler looks cream crackered!

Apparentely the phot has got his third up now , so Bravo Zulu to him as well.

Le Chevre

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