National Army Museum - Needs Your Vote

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Volunteer, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. The National Army Museum is in the running to win the Arts Fund Prize worth £100,000.00

    Vote for NAM (or an alternative) here:

    Edits: additional information below. Good effort, One and All, keep pulling in the votes!


    Conflicts of Interest is a new gallery dedicated to the modern British Army. It explores both the positive and negative aspects of Army life for the individual soldier, and investigates the role of the British Army on the world stage, focusing on Northern Ireland, the Falklands, the Gulf, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Underpinning all this are the conflicts of interest inherent in Army life: the idea of enforcing peace through violent means; upholding the principles of the military covenant and the struggles soldiers face when juggling work and family commitments. No other exhibition looks so closely at these conflicts in one space; none focuses on the range of issues found in Conflicts of Interest.

    Conflicts of Interest was planned from the outset with the idea that it must be kept relevant and up to date. The Museum continues to update the gallery with new content to reflect the changing face of conflict and is adding to its collectionsof artefacts, images and oralhistory; the media perspective can be updated within 48 hours. Visitors themselves update the exhibition by writing feedback and casting votes in the interactive area, Conflicting Opinions.

    The National Army Museum tells the story of the British soldier, to show how the actions of a few can affect the futures of many, and how Britain’s past has helped to shape the world. The 6.2 million objects in its care illustrate the stories of men and women from 1066 to the present day and the Museum aims to interpret these in ways which inspire and provide enjoyment.

    Project cost: £573,000

    The National Army Museum created Conflicts of Interest with support from designers Met Studio and interactive agency GR/DD.
  2. Vote submitted. If the poll results are to be believed, the NAM needs much more support - get voting!
  3. Voted - and we need more people to vote for the NAM as 1.1% is not going to be enough to win...
  4. Oh dear, it seems a rather significant mobilisation of the ARRSE community would be required to get the Army Museum near the airy heights achieved by the Blists Hill Victorian Town (got to wonder why).

    I was more than happy to vote for the Museum, if for no other reason than the excellent help provided by their researchers for my Law dissertation on WW1 courts martial, going far beyond what could have been expected.
  5. voted. really needs more votes fellas come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Voted, NAM currently at 1.4 percent . WAKEY WAKEY WAKEY
  7. Vote submitted moments ago and i saw the percentage as 1.3%. That would suggest the total number of votes cast is not that high yet. A good Arrseing should see a big change
  8. 1.4% - get voting guys and gals!
  9. Done

  10. The lead museum at the moment has only 350 ish votes. I'm sure we can start to move the NAM up the leader board.

    [align=justify]Blists Hill Victorian Town (35.1%)

    The Leach Pottery (24.4%)

    The Ashmolean Museum (14.6%)

    The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum (8%)

    Great North Museum (7.5%)

    The Royal Institution of Great Britain (3.9%)

    The Natural History Museum (2.4%)

    The National Army Museum (1.5%)

    The Towner (1.4%)

    Hampton Court Palace (0.9%)

    The Ulster Museum (0.3%)
  11. done
  12. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    An interesting topic - any chance of blagging a soft copy ?

    . . . and where the feck is Blists Hill anyway???