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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Baiter, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. I don't think this has been covered yet - if so apologies

    I like the fact that both leaders have been targetted and I think this is probably fairly accurate - I went to the Arboretum last year and its a nice place. It would be a tragedy if it failed so soon after opening especially through something as trivial as funding - if they can bail out banks to such a degree surely they can spare some funding for something like this?

    I am guilty of having done a fair bit trite RIP posts and "dusty in 'ere" type things which I now look back on a cringe a bit but I do think there is justification for a bit of righteous indignation here, I also think a little bit of sentiment when remembering fallen comrades is acceptable and the Arboretum is a fitting place to go and reflect.
  2. Auld-Yin

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    What I don't understand, and would be happy if some Arrser could enlighten me, but the Memorial has not been open for all that long, why does it need £8 million to stop it falling into disrepair?

    It just seems a huge sum of money for a fairly new project.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The story doesnt do detail, not like the telegraph at all!
  4. I agree - it would be nice to know more facts rather than just the apportionment of blame, but I can't find coverage elsewhere so I am at least pleased to have found some mention of it.

    I am also in complete agreement with AY as well - how the hell can something so recent already require this much secondary funding? It would be nice to know more if anyone has further facts.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Exactly, trees and stonewalls, been around for years with no real attention!
  6. I'm not sure that the article in the Torygraph is entirely correct. I think the requirement for £8M is to build the new visitor centre on the site and probably not for the maintenance of the site itself. If you check out the RBL website there is an article on the redevelopment project. Sorry but I can't do the linky thing.

    Fixed - it makes more sense now - although I do think the government should spring for at least a part of this sum - after all it was they and their predecessors who caused most of the names to be there at all.
  8. A nice thought, but we just don't have the cash. It's easy to think of it as a few mil here and a few mil there, but we're already billions into the red. We need to fix the economy first and foremost.
  9. When the idea for the wall was muted it was funded (I believe) by the public in general. I know I sent money to it and was fcuking fuming when Brown and his cronies turned up at the opening of it. I believe they haven't spent a penny of the Govts pot on it.
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    That's the 'Leader' comment referring to a short Front Page article that does not appear to be on-line.

    It is indeed about the facilities rather than the memorial itself, commenting that they were built for 60,000 visitors pa rather than the current 300,000.

    There is also a call from Maj Gen Cordingley, chairman of the FFA, for the government to match their appeal on a pound for pound basis.
  11. "Telegraph View: The political leaders who were so keen to pose for the cameras on Armistic Day should do something to save the National Memorial Arboretum."

    Is Armistic Day like Armistice Day but for chavs who can't properly proof read articles yet work for a national paper.
  12. Should be linked to this story:

    ""I think that recent events show us how much people feel about remembering the Services and we are getting for more people than we expected.

    "The site cannot cope with the current number of visitors and it would be awful if it became overwhelmed making it a less satisfactory experience for everyone."

    The 150 acre Arboretum, close to Birmingham, is the only place in the country where a service is held everyday at 11am to remember the fallen yet the chapel can only hold a maximum of 150.

    Similarly the car park is too small to hold visitors that now reach up to 10,000 on the busiest days.

    Increasing numbers of schoolchildren are also visiting with 400 trips a year and an interpretation centre needs to be built as well as a covered area that can shelter 3,000 people in poor weather, especially around Remembrance Day.

    Numbers have increased dramatically since the Queen opened the Armed Forces memorial two years ago that commemorated the 16,000 service personnel killed on operations or by terrorism since 1945.

    "The facilities are very tired and in danger of falling into disrepair," said Major Gen Patrick Cordingley, the British commander during the first Gulf War and chairman of the Future Foundations Appeal whose patron is Prince William.

    "It was designed to take 60,000 visitors a year but it is now more than 300,000 and we are facing a facility crisis. "
  13. Dead Servicemen and women do not vote!

    Flood victims in Cumberland do vote: £1,000,000 yesterday - £2,000,000 today.

    EU Troughing Shite neither votes nor counts: £42,000,000 PER DAY (£42 MILLION) that is PER DAY.
  14. been to to this place and it was VERY big..theres no way you can get around it in one day.. "the wall" or walls are not showing any outside damage,, but meny of the older trees ? (theres not that meny ) need seeing too..there must be 50 + employed there.. two "trains" that you pay £2:00 for any one trail... the grass is cut every day as its all grass cept for a few roads,, there are 100s of young trees named for one person or REG or CORP ..the "set peaces" are well worth the visit alone.. no man alive can go to the "shot at dawn" post and know the story of the 17 year old and not be moved..the legion make a lot of cash ..we sell wooden cross for £1:50 in nov, they sell them at £6:00 .. cannot some of this cash be moved to keep it open and up to scratch ? ..