National Arboretum Staff

Is this right??

Arrived just after 4pm and it was locked, yes it was dark.

After finding a way out to the Arboretum my eldest and I were again locked out (it was still within opening hours). What really made me angry was the staff who decided to ignore my plight (unable to get out). Their boss was brilliant and I couldn't thank her more but I have to question the morals of her staff (I presume she was the boss). I just hope these staff just wanted to get home, although my mind hit the prejudice card first I was either wrong sex (male), wrong colour (white) and probably they guessed I was a squaddie (paying respect to a fallen comrade).

Shouldn't the arboretum not be fenced off and the names of the fallen lit up when its dark?
I agree, it should be open 24/7 and not restricted, that way anyone can pay respects and find comfort at any time they need. It should however be lit, manned and patroled, this Nation owes a debt, take it from my tax bill and those that sent me.

Lest we forget...

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