National Arboretum Funding Cut.

Can't find a link for it but it was on BFBS news that £250,000 of funding is being cut from the National Arboretum in Staffordshire.
If this is true,then it's a new low,especially at this time of the year.
If this is true, then we need to find the keys for the bus ASAP!!! (I am sitting with brew in hand, hob-nob anyone?).
It's in the Times, along with cuts in the National Army Museum and AFF funding lines.
Why not cut down some of those pesky trees which clutter the place up, they could be sold to raise some funds.

I could do with some firewood myself!
I think I'm on the telly there on the Antiques Roadshow this weekend (we had to wear poppies in Sept).

They said I wasn't worth very much, but had a couple of stories to tell.
If this info is pukka gen, it is a ******* disgrace. I've got me FMT 600, so I'll drive.........
I wonder what stringent cuts have been made within the free for all cake and arse party which is the Palace of Westminster?


Earlier this year MOD cut funding to the Confidential Support Line.
SSAFA ran it on the MOD's behalf but thought it so important they took over the funding & rebranded it Forceline:

Seems MOD are cutting funding to lots of things they thing others, including charities, might be able to fund.

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