National Anthems - which is better?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by frenchperson, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. The French team are about to play their first game in this year's World Cup. I was just thinking what a magnificent rousing national anthem they have. But how does it compare to God Save The Queen/King?

  2. As stated elsewhere a British anthem for an English team is not right:(
  3. Sorry, I've just clicked onto the French vote by mistake!
  4. I clicked on it too, but on purpose. It has spunk, elan, call it what you will, and a message, ours is a boring tune, shared by the Austrians of all people, with brown nosing sycophantic lyrics that don't really say much about who we are...IMHO
  5. I thought it was Lichenstein?
  6. IMO, France, Germany and the USA all have better national anthems than us. Land of Hope and Glory should be Englands anthem, after all several million asylum seekers can't be wrong... :D
  7. What about Jerusalem for englands national anthem? a popular choice and I think it's in Essex somewhere :)
  8. I reckon the National Anthem is pretty bloody boring, no tear-jearking, spine chilling moments ever ! Having said that, subject to abuse, I am Welsh.........still British but, very much a Taff. My own anthem does give me the spine-chilling, tear jerking thing.
  9. nope, its in Gloders Green, N London
  10. The British/English anthem is a funeral dirge.
  11. In an attempt to get a fair and believable result to this poll, there's another chance to hear the UK National Anthem on Sunday 25th June at approx 15:58 on BBC1, and the French national anthem on Tuesday 27th June at approx 19:58 on ITV
  12. The Two Fatherlands would be a good anthem for the UK.
  13. When the F'ing English FA realise that they should be playing "Land of Dope and Tories" the ENGLISH national anthem at sporting occasions then it would be worth a vote.
  14. Voted for France, Great, rousing anthem. However, one British anthem can match it - the Welsh one.

    Hope England change to Jerusalem, or Land of Hope & Glory, soon, so we also have a rousing ditty.