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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Proximo, Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. Proximo

    Proximo LE

    Some of you will have seen this already on the 'Brave New World' thread. I'm putting it here as a 'sticky' so you can find it a bit more easily:

    Click here for analysis of economies

    Click here for a photo of the Political Balance

    Table below shows the different levels of abuse...errrmm...leadership success.

    • Economic -----Political Freedoms--------Civil Rights

      (15)Frightening----------Corrupted--------------Widely Abused
      (14)All-Consuming------Widely Abused---------Frightening
      (13)Powerhouse---------Excessive --------------Excessive
      (12)Thriving-------------World Benchmark------World Benchmark
      (11)Very Strong---------Superb-----------------Superb
      (09)Good----------------Very good---------------Very Good
      (06)Developing----------Below Average---------Below Average
      (02)Basket Case--------Unheard Of--------------Unheard Of

    As I find other stuff, I'll post it here.
  2. There's a huge amount of information available via xml feed from that site.
    Here's a spreadsheet........


  3. jest265

    jest265 LE

    It says I'm a basket case :oops:
  4. Proximo

    Proximo LE

    BFG - it says I don't have 'authorization' (spelled wrong) to access that site? Am I being a biff? :)
  5. Hmm, works OK from here & the office.


  6. Proximo

    Proximo LE

    Cheers BFG - works like a charm! :D

    Bit upsetting though...
  7. Chaps, what happened to that website which listed all of the arrseonia nations by GDP/Population/etc etc?
  8. army_of_1

    army_of_1 Old-Salt

  9. Proximo

    Proximo LE

    Click the big red letters at the top of this thread....? :D
  10. Right. Now I feel stupid. I just thought you were being a bit camp or communist. Or both DD :D.

    Now i'm the red one.
  11. abacus

    abacus LE

    Ant, did you manage to log on - I've been trying off-and-on since this morning with no joy.
  12. abacus

    abacus LE

    the union of united republic Economic Statistics

    Gross Regional Product: $15,997,446,855,341.64
    GRP Per Capita: $7,563.80
    Regional Population: 2,115,000,000
    Regional Average GDP: $695,541,167,623.55
    Largest GDP: United democratic ($4.64 trillion)
    Smallest GDP: Lawstudent ($7.19 billion)
    Largest GDP Per Capita: Abacania ($14,853)
    Smallest GDP Per Capita: Lawstudent ($312.50)
    Largest Trade Surplus: Democratic peple ($2.96 billion)
    Largest Trade Deficit: United community ($1.99 billion)

    Largest GDP Per Capita - you beauty.

    When it comes to voting on Issues I just ask myself what Maggie Thatcher would do. Admittedly I don't have a terribly happy population but Lairdx is about to enslave them all anyway so hey ho.
  13. Proximo

    Proximo LE

    New stuff at the top...
  14. abacus

    abacus LE

    We seem to be doing quite well as a collective according to this page