Nation of Peace, love and a chicken in every pot


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Care to elaborate?


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These guys may not be living next door to you today OldRedCap but they probably don't live that far away. You can be sure that the more extreme blogs and websites will not get as much media exposure as those that are more palatable to the current political 'message'.

As usual, it's the young firebrands in the West that are radicalised. They are more technology and media savvy and able to spread the word more effectively as well as being more hormonally susceptable. You don't see the elderly imams in the front line over here, they just wind the young ones up and point 'em in the right direction.

Islamic culture has very little in common with modern western civilisation or thinking. Those who do manage to integrate to some degree certainly keep very quiet and have no intention of trying to influence their more extreme brethren. So I am sure that we will see more of this sort iof thing in the future. We just have to get used to it.
OldRedCap said:
So much for Islam being a nation of Peace and those other things in the title.
Not the sort of guys I'd want living next door to me

From reading it, it doesn't seem very likely that they will live next door (unless you live in Cairo that is).

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