Nation of Paedophiles

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 123, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. 123

    123 LE

    Might anyone abroad who keeps an eye on news over here think that England (or the whole of the UK by proxy) is just a nation of paedophiles?
  2. God you're fucking dull.
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  3. I was hoping for a
    but that will suffice.
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  4. So if we're all paedophiles, does that mean everyone in Ireland is called P. O'Neill?
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  5. I still fucking love you..honest...
  6. No.
  7. No were just a nation of peoplewho like to fuck children Belgium is the real nation of paedophiles
  8. 123

    123 LE

    Well, that's like two obese people arguing about whose thinner
  9. Might it be that everyone who sees that you have made a comment on a thread, or even started a thread will instantly think that you are a tool? I know that I have, since reading arrse in the last few weeks, arrived at that conclusion

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  10. I didn't realise you were new to arrse!
  11. 123

    123 LE

    i appreciate your audience all the same.
  12. Not sure what you are implying by that comment sluggy........
  13. 123

    123 LE

    It's not a good image, having all this paedophilia linked to the highest echelons of British society and throughout its institutions. Plus all the joe nobody paedophile stories that appear in the press, plus the NotW "your neighbours are paedophiles" campaigns.

    it paints an unsavoury picture of us all.
  14. Expecting to get your collar felt for hanging aroundthe school with sweeties 123?
  15. Stop wasting females(allegedly) time, stick to doing what your 'avtar' says, oh..'n' shooting teenage girls.. :)
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