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Define "basic job" ? As someone who spent many years working in kitchens as a catering assistant you might think a kitchen porter might be "an unskilled basic job" but things like communication and team work are needed and quite often they're in short supply. For some ridiculous reason many employers often go for the lowest denominator ie foreigners who struggle with English which just compounds the problems
Generally because a) the employer thinks they can get away with paying the foreign person less, and / or b) the employer believe the foreign person will be less demanding, less challenging and more content in the role. The latter notion particularly is one that I've seen many employers quickly and harshly disavowed of!
In my experience - and I spent almost a dozen years working in Edinburgh kitchens - employers would often employ Johnny Foreigner because word had got round as to how dreadful that employer was so no locals would work for them. It was always the worst employers that would depend on foreign labour

Probably the worst place I ever worked was a restaurant that was part of a franchise owned by a family of Italian descent. I did notice the wife would occasionally appear on the BBC news criticising how lockdowns were ruining her business, Considering she sacked all the footsoldiers while the vicious bullying top chefs got furloughed it was a bit rich considering the going rate and conditions was bottom rung, She also had a column in one of the Scottish broadsheet so she was well connected with what you'd call the establishment. Like I said a dreadful employer but if the government brought in workfare or something similar she'd be signing up for that in an instant and instead of getting the minimum wage the workers would be providing free labour, No thank you
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