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Nat-West kerfuffle - "My husband in Afghanistan now has no money"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by joelndec, Jun 24, 2012.

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  1. Excuse the probably inaccurate quote, but am I missing something here? How does the Nat West situation affect troops being paid in Afghan - do they rely on an ATM, or is he just blagging his Missus that he has no readies, and she posts out packets of dollars for him to spend?
  2. Sounds more like she is pissed off that she can't rape his bank account while he's deployed (as per pad SOPs)
  3. thought the same when i heard that this morning...

    just comes across as some whining woman using the fact her husband is away in afghan and she hasnt had any money in her account!..
  4. A small edit to reflect reality.
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  5. Not to overlook the chance of compensation. Proper tugs the heart strings...
  6. or he is just about to return to UK, has changed his bank details and is going to spend all his hard earned dosh in Vegas before she gets her mitts on it
  7. i concur with your addition!...
  8. I can already see the TV adverts 5 years hence......

    'Did you lose out in the great Nat West Computer failure? Call lawyers fuk you now to get the full £5000.00 compo you so clearly deserve'.....