Nasty things to do to the Headley Court Abusers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airfix, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. What to do to these two bitches when The Sun names and shames them.

    Personally, having given the matter great thought, I would like to see the Iranian approach to adulteresses used.

    That is to say that the bitches in question be wrapped in a shroud before being placed chest high in a hole in the ground. The hole is then filled in, leaving them upright, but immobile.

    Then the fun starts. An assemble crowd choose from a selection of stones before hurling them at the bitches to choruses of verbal abuse of their actions. No one stone should be of a size that can kill on its own. This could and should go on for hours. :twisted:

    I am not an advocate of capital punishment though. These bitches should not be killed by such measures.

    They should in fact be kept alive and have the above repeated daily until they have reached total despair and desperation and free the world of their presence by their own hands! :D

    Being chained up in Casa MDN in perpetuity comes a close second as long as he invites us around to indulge in a little stoning action come BBQ in the summer months! :lol:
  2. 6 months emptying bedpans at Headley Court. That should teach them some respect.
  3. You big creep!
  4. And you've never wondered what goes on in the Jungle Room there I suppose 8)
  5. Well, cleaning them with their tongues between stonings seems a way forward!
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Head up there en-masse without Op-Nimby tops on, but when they get pointed out, fcuking drown them.
  7. send them out to the front line (where ever it is today) and let them see first hand what the chaps and chapesses do
  8. Thinking of the sort of people they probably are, knowing Surrey fairly well, there's a much better way which avoids violence, despite the satisfaction of a good shoeing! :D

    Once named, obtain photographs, title them "This woman abuses disabled soldiers", and post them ALL OVER every town within 20 miles.

    The 'ladies' of a certain type in Surrey are super conscious of their 'social standing'. Humiliation will be the greatest punishment possible!!! :twisted:
  9. How about lots of serving and ex turning up at the swimming pool in their speedos?

    Oh wait, it's already been done...

    Clicky clicky