Nasty little youths that know all the rules

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Resurgam, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. I have living near me a young lad whose parents have little or no control over him. He has mates that are even worse. They insist on playing on a playpark for kids up to 5 yrs old and ignore all requests to leave. Just lately they have been very rude to my daughters making very suggestive remarks.

    I suggested that one of them Bugg*r off the other day and he looked me in the eye and said'
    You should not swear at me you are not allowed to.' - he having previously been swearing like a trooper.

    What can I do about the little peasants - legally. I can think of a thousand things that I would like to do to them and all are illegal and very painful if not terminal but the legal options appear so limited if any are there at all.

    Apparently on the estated where the older youths come from an ASBO is seen as a proficiency bagde!!

    Any ideas. The majority of the really bad ones live on the estate next to my patch but appear to enjoy our patch better.
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  3. If you can video them trashing the place or phone the coppers telling them they are drinking ect in the park they'll soon shift them on
  4. Tried the police and they just melt away
  5. I had an annoying little scrot (similar to those mentioned) living at the end of the entry road into my cul-de-sac........... his chosen location to play, boot his football and generally annoy me and the neighbours. Slowly but surely, his bike, his footballs (about 6 over a course of 2 weeks), his football net, his skates and his bike-ramp all strangely vanished..........and now, so has he ! I dont have a clue where they could have gone......smirk.
  6. Get a ghillie suit on , get in a good position with good exit routes
    and shoot them with an air rifle .
  7. You could always try ringing the police and say you suspect they are selling drugs to other kids, bit of a bastard thing to do, but hey what the heck, scumbags need to be sorted out!
  8. Wind 'em up and when they try to hit you, tw@t them and claim self-defence :D
  9. When you say patch, do you mean an army pad? If so the MoD Police may be more interested them than the locals.

    You may find some usefull information on this site.
    I have suffered for 4 years at the hands of a disgruntalled neigbour. The day I snapped (a week ago) I became the guilty party.
    You have to tread realy carefull with this sort of thing but this site ,will im sure, help you as it did me.

    Good luck :wink:
  11. Two words for you........air........rifle.
  12. I'd agree with the above post about video evidence.
    The trick is to wind them up first so you pull out your handy cam corder just as the torrent of abuse and obscenities fly your way.
    The police will have to take action as there would be supportive evidence.
    Another thing to do is to get the other residents to sign a petition and agree to collect evidence against them.
    If its a council house its even easier, just keep reporting them to the local council they'll be forced to sort it out or move them on.
  13. I had issues with kids near me. They were chucking eggs at pretty much anything that moved and one or two things that didn't, including the windows of houses, mine was one that was hit. They caused other sundry noise and trouble to boot.

    The first time I knew about it though was when they chucked one at my car as I drove past. Damn those brakes are good. Anyway I managed to get a name and over a period of about two weeks I got enough info to find out roughly where they lived. I spoke to two women who claimed not to know the two names I gave but that was 8 months ago and there has been no trouble since.

    If you get the oportunity to speak to the perents and put on your best p!ssed off but resonable old squaddie act with no room for them move let alone speak, they very often cave in under the pressure. You can threaten without actually threatening if you see what I mean.

    On the other hand you might still find parents who don't actually care either and will just give you attitude in which case at least you have an address for the police along with all the other information you can gather.
  14. You need to be very carefull with video evidence .
    1 it must be filmed on a date time format film.

    2 you can not film people in public places (invasion of privacy)

    3 if they are under a certain age a claim against you can be made

    4 the poeple you are filming must be aware of you filming them.

    The whole situation is a farce.
    I have a video of someone running away from my range rover as it caught light outside my house. The police say taht isnt enough evidence for a conviction as the person wasnt seen striking the match. The CPS would throw it out before it go to court.

    I think maybe the CPS stands for Criminal Protection Service

  15. Blimey, theres always a friggin loophole.

    Okey doke, go with the tried and tested air rifle or organic machinery with big teeth aka a large unfriendly dog.
    I'd go for a Japanes Akita, looks evil enough, it is the size of a small bear and they can be trained to dislike the same people as the owner :D
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Not open for further replies.