Nasty landing...

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Dread, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. I saw this on the web. No idea if it has been posted here before, or even the age of the video.

    It shows what happens when you land on a DZ currently inhabited by a small twister/tornado.

    Parachute wil niet stoppen

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  2. That is wild! Is it Russian military?
  3. Sounds eastern european for sure. I liked all the sympathy he was getting from his comrades.
  4. ******* ouch. They are polish and twice someone in authority shouts ''no leave the ******* ****''!!! Who needs mates eh...
  5. i dont know how they are rigged, but I bet he is wishing they hade capewells of the equivalent.

  6. Looks fun, if a little hairy.

    Don't you para types carry a knife to cut the rigging lines away in times of drama?
    Or was he just more scared of getting billed for losing a 'chute?
  7. Shit drills are always good for a laugh, I didn't hear much advice though "openski ze capewellskis cuntybollockski" or "pullski one lineinski"would have covered it!