Nastiest / Most amusing para incidents

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by legal_eagle, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. Funny

  2. NOT Funny

  3. Possibly Funny..if non fatal

  4. Possibly Funny..depending on the stupidity of the jumper

  5. They're never funny and the author of this thread is a twat!!

  1. Just to digress from the thread about the numpty who forgot his chute (God rest his foolish soul)..

    What are the most amusing or nasty incidents you can recall from jump days....

    There's a video here of an air steal in a 9 Sqn jump..although to be fair to the Wedgeheads it looks like it's down to poor dispatching....LINK

    Someone getting hung up (non-military), which also happened to a TA guy from 4 or 10 Para some years back (not funny really!!)LINK

    Even some praise from the Yanks for our balls when it comes to jump heights....LINK - we are the best!

    I can remember a few amusing air steals that didn't result in any serious injury....several lads pulling their reserves because they had twists, only to see the reserve canopy collapse in front of them...and best of all a member of the Guards Independant Para Coy pull his reserve after he'd landed, not once but twice!!

    I'm sure I could come up with some more if I stopped to think but that's all I've got at the moment. I never saw any refusals either which I imagine would be quite funny.

    Anyone else got any good ones..I've never done any sport parachuting so I'm sure there must be some good ones there??

    Over to you....
  2. Just to add...I have posted this in the NAAFI bar and it's meant to be light hearted...I would never wish to see someone injured in such a way, especially as I sh1t myself so many times when I was jumping..

    Note the NAAFI bar disclaimer "If you are easily offended - DO NOT ENTER"
    So anyone taking offence..lighten up for fecks sake!!
  3. When I saw the thread title, I thought you were refering to splatters and babooning.
  4. Air steal was the worst, almost creamed.
  5. So no actual para's then?
  6. I don't quite follow you...

    9 Sqn are clearly Brit paratroopers and of the training jumps I was involved in ( I never did an operational jump) only the Guards were not wearing maroon or sandy berets..(and before you start spouting i'm not claiming to have worn the sandy one)

    Are you saying that only someone from para reg is a true para and the all arms (who've also completed P coy (at least)) don't count???
    If so, bore off...

    As I said, this is a light-hearted, jokey thread..if you've got nothing to add then don't bother..get a life.
  7. Used to jump for fun.
    On an early jump I landed short of the target ... in a turnip field. Due to landing partially on a turnip, one leg collapsed and I got a turnip up the arrse. That HURT! and I was walking funny for a week.
    Had I ever considered getting my back doors kicked in, that would have put me off right there!
  8. On the RA Schoolboy Para course a young PO landed on a cow, having missed the DZ. The Netheravon DZ. The biggest sports parachuting DZ in Europe. How we laughed...

    He is now a senior officer of Artillery but I cannot reveal who, because he is as big as me! Possibly more violent too...possibly.
  9. A couple more have sprung to lad not managing to capewell for some reason and being dragged accross that big gravel patch in the middle of the DZ at Weston-o-t-g.....Seen a few forget to drop their containers too, that's got to hurt..

    Don't worry bleeding heart types..only resulted in bit of injured pride!