Nasrallah sorry for scale of war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 27, 2006.

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    Ok Sheikh, so let's apply that to all future HezB operations, integrate HB into the Lebanese Army and tone down the rhetoric.

    Or he could simply be playing the "Oh what a nice guy I am" happy in the knowledge that Israel are bound to have another pop. :roll:

    Bottom line at this time though , is if he's saying no more HB operations, it should speed up the UN process.

  2. He is saying that Hezb mis-judged the consequences of their (initial) actions - one of the few believable things he may have said!
  3. I think he is trying to avoid any blame for the destruction of southern Lebanon. They will probably believe him.
  4. I concur with Johnny - this is purely a damage limitation exercise for Lebanese consumption. Conspicuously absent is any talk of the great victory he spoke following the ceasefire coming into force.
  5. El Gringo

    When the Lebonese returned to their bombed out homes. I dont think they would want it called a great victory. Hence no referal to this.
  6. And neither of the two kidnapped Israelis have been returned yet. Surely Hizbollah should play the game and give them back.
  7. Has there been any proof offered that they're still alive?
  8. Hes obviously been affected by the scale of death and destruction hes witnessed and feels remorse...I say credit to him for having the balls to say something like this, unlike the Israelis who have yet to to show any regret over the hundreds of civilians they killed.
  9. Why has he made such a remarkable statement? Is it for internal consumptions only? Or maybe it is a part of diplomatic game?

    It is quite clear now that mr.Nasrallah is a very skilled politician and diplomat. He is interesting in existing weak and imcompetent Israeli government. How could he support it? Apparently by indirect recognition of 'effectiveness' of its actions.

    It is possible that 2 captured Israeli soldiers would be free soon. In return Israel would reliese Hezbollah fighters (though later). But mr.Olmert could say: look we freed our boys and our enemy got a good lesson.

    I even don't exclude a possibility that the statement by mr.Nasrallah is a part of a bargain between Israel and Hezbollah.

    As a rule politicians are cynics. I'm sure that had mr.Nasrallah a time-machine then he moreover would order to capture the soldiers.

    Just few days before it the Palestinians captured the Israeli soldier and the reaction was very tough. So it was not so difficult task to predict Israeli actions in Lebanon. And taking into account how Hezbollah was prepared to the war, how sophisticated weapons and bunkers it had, we come to a conclusion that mr.Nasrallah expected something that in fact has happened.
  10. I think he is lamenting the fact that he provoked Israel before Iran had a nuke.
  11. He has started the Hearts and Minds bit tho'
    Channel Four news last night said he had promised to pay rent for one year to all the S Lebbers and has promised to rebuild all the houses that got malleted!
  12. Do tell neo_com how Iran having a nuke would have made the slightest bit of difference.

    It wasn't so long ago that your GOP collective was putting out drivvel that Iran had ordered, and was both operationally and tactically controlling Hezbollah's daily diet of missile attacks and so on - on the basis that it was distracting the US/EU away from Iran's supposed nuke weopans programme! I remember your good comrade T6 even pathetically trying to convince us that Hezbollah were really Iranian Republican Guards in mufti!!!!!

    How times - and GOP wibble-spin - change. :)
  13. A major contention of the pro Hezbollha crowd that wants Iran to get nukes, is that it will act as a deterrent towards military action by other nations.
    Iran would extend its nuclear protection to other nations like Lebanon. It already has a treaty with Syria. Peace would reign in your fantasy world

    Nasrallah already admitted to attacking Israel and kidnapping its soldiers miscalculating Israel's response to his provocation of Israel. With nuclear weapons, the mistakes and miscalculation of the Islamofascist could instead of costing thousands of lives, cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Something you lefties could careless about.
  14. Ah! Now I see your thought process. More hypothetical drivvel to frighten the ignorant into following the GOP line.

    Do you honestly think, and I'm asking the real neo_com hidden behind the GOP clone mask, that Iran is going to attack Israel with nukes if Israel attacks Lebanon? The only more ludicrous possibility I could think to out-do that nonsense is that they would go straight for Washington DC in spite!

    Iran was NOT behind the recent Hezbollah attacks. Supplying weopans and support in the PAST is NOT the same as supporting or controlling actual operations now. Apart from anything else, Nasrallah's recent speeches are explicitly accepting responsibility for Hezbollah actions and NOT trying to pass buck onto other hidden hands.

    So, the idea that Iran with a nuke would have made a difference, is complete nonsense - except to those promoting fantasy thesis and/or deliberately trying to focus attention on Iran and not the REAL PROBLEM!

    And no, I'm not one of those that thinks Iran with a nuke bomb is the panacea solution to Middle East peace. Far from it. But I also don't accept that they are even trying to get one, and I even more strongly disagree that the US/UK has the right to stop them with kinetic means from reaching this alleged end-state.

    Precisely. For every 1 Israeli victim of a hypothetical Iranian nuke, 100,000 Iranians will perish form actual Israeli/US nukes. Hardly odds which encourage Iran to come to Hezbollah assistance.

    As I've said before, it is you that has the 'lefty' viewpoint on this issue! It's is 'true' right-wing realists that see the absurd drivvel that you GOP clones spout.
  15. How has Nasrallah "obviously been affected by the scale of death and destruction hes witnessed and feels remorse", beyond perhaps the deaths of his own gunmen? Perhaps he shouldn't have kicked-off the whole bloody shambles in the first place? Did he honestly imagine that Israel was going to let his stunt pass? Who is he trying to fool with his 'if only I'd known' routine?