Naseem Hamed jailed for car crash

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, May 12, 2006.

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  1. Former world boxing champion Naseem Hamed has been jailed for dangerous driving after a crash in his sports car which left a man badly injured.
    Hamed, 32, from Dore in Sheffield, was sentenced to 15 months at Sheffield Crown Court after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing.

    Bet he is going to get a rough ride inside. Can you image all the lunatics that will goad him into a fight!!
  2. Shame, he's so modest.

    Used to defend his title.

    Different defence in the shower now.
  3. thats a shame but maybe 15 months (probably only serve 5) pokey will shut the arrogant gob sh*te up.
  4. while we are talking about his crash, what did he crash into? a friggin Mc D's which he then ate?

    I'm not saying im thin i'm not, but my God he really has put on a few eh?
  5. Be interesting to see the little begger squirm and realise that all his boxing skill aint gonna stop him meeting BIG frank in the shower and getting a bit of a hoofing - humpin!!!!!
  6. got a reeaal perdy mouth.......
  7. First Gary Glitter and now Naseem, does this mean the justice system are getting into a pattern of actually punishing celebrities that commit crimes?

    Hardly big celebs but you know what I mean
  8. Thats a pretty harsh sentence...murderers get less than that these days.
  9. He deserves it for wrecking such a beautiful car, should be a crime against humanity....
  10. The jumped up cnut can be worth a fortune but every con is fresh meat in the shower block.

    He may have wealth that I would murder for but he's still accountable for his actions.

    The bloke he crashed into is still trashed, a pity Naseem isn't ,the waanker.
  11. It's a good advertisement for the cars safety features though.
  12. C0cks like that keep insurance premiums expensive and add more claim to the argument that 'women are safer drivers'

    Hope they make the c0cky fcuk toss the salad
  13. Got what he deserved. I loved reading this text online today :

    The Crown Court

    at Sheffield

    Daily List for Friday 12 May 2006 at THE LAW COURTS WEST BAR SHEFFIELD


    Court 1 - sitting at 10:30 AM


    For Sentence
    T20060203 HAMED Naseem
  14. That little prick deserves all he gets. He is one of the cockiest, rudest, most arrogant little swines I've ever had the misfortune to meet. He had God-given talent that was never really used to the full. If it was, then he would probably still be champion now. He thought he was unbeatable, and thought he knew everything. He sacked the one man who honed his skills and talent to the max - Brendan Ingle.
    It was this cocky attitude that made him believe that he was untouchable - both in & out of the ring. His driving typified his attitude, and thus resulted in injuring a man so severly that he will disabled permanently.

    Good riddance to him.
  15. Too right. Like said, the man is still suffering from the injuries as well as his wife, who also was in the car as the time as well. It hasn't been mentioned, but its obvious the idiot can shit money yet he hasn't even offered something pecuniary towards the man's medical help let alone the psychological affects and the disruption to his working life. Tight tw@t.
    Yeh right :roll:, regret that he couldn't get away from the scene quick enough. Lucky it was just 15 months.