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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by thebc, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi at the risk of sounding like a twat i have a somewhat usual question, i used to do a bit of boxing when i was younger and it seems ive been left with the inside cartlage in my nose slightly touching the inside of one of my nostrils from a break,this has never really caused me problems other than snoring, however ive found that when i wear a nasal strip (one of those sticky things to open nose passage slightly) my run times are better and my overall fitness level improves, anybody know if it would be allowed for me to wear one on selection?
  2. Only if you wear a buttplug too.
  3. i never take it out
  4. Go to the doctor and get a re-bore. My mate bust his nose years ago and never got it sorted, but after 10 years he got bored of not being able to breathe properly and got it sorted and got a pretty good nose job into the bargain! For free! [his nose was well crooked to say the least] Go for it.
  5. My husband used to snore like he was sawing logs then we discovered nasal strips. Now he snores like he is sawing logs whilst wearing a nasal strip. He says his breathing is much better and yes it is, all the better for feckin snoring with.
  6. I've had my nose broken a couple of times and when I run, even after I spend like 5 minutes blowing it and clearing it out beforehand, it still sounds and feels like I've got stuff up there. Does my head in. Makes it damn near impossible to do the in through the nose, out through the mouth thing. I've just got on with it though.

    Friggin' hell Bikini-Black, a "re-bore"?! That sounds like it would fcuking kill!
  7. Apparently not, he said it was a little sore when he woke up, and had to have a dressing on it for a few days, and he's no soldier either, but he said it was well worth it! Anyway, theres not much in the way of feeling in the nose.
    if you can't breathe proper, get it done.
  8. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    exactly - nasal strips will help also ... if not you then at least the manufacturer ;)
  9. Anychance of anybody answering my question?
  10. You wont get a black and white yes or no here.

    Try it on the day you will either be allowed or told to remove it. However to be seen wearing it may go against as you as your presenting a medical condition.

    Good luck